Did Rangers ever beat Celtic 8 1?

One of these games was a New Year’s Day derby in 1943 which Rangers won 8–1.

What is Celtics biggest win against Rangers?

Victories & defeats Record victory against Glasgow Rangers: 7-1 in the Scottish League Cup Final 1957. Record victory (Cup final): Celtic 7-1 Rangers, Scottish League Cup Final 1957; still British record for the highest score in a domestic cup final.

Who won 9 in a row first Rangers or Celtic?

The term refers to one club winning the national league championship nine times in a row, a mark which was first set by Celtic between the 1965–66 and 1973–74 seasons, during which they also became European champions in 1967.

What is Celtic FC biggest win?

In November 2010, Celtic set an SPL record for the biggest win in SPL history, defeating Aberdeen 9–0 at Celtic Park. Celtic celebrated their 125th anniversary in November 2012, the same week as a Champions League match against Barcelona.

Who is Celtics most capped?

Billy McNeill
Most appearances

# Name Total
1 Billy McNeill 822
2 Alec McNair 684
3 Paul McStay 683
4 Roy Aitken 682

Has Celtic ever won 10 in a row?

Hype. Nerves. Increase them all tenfold and you have the 1997-98 Scottish top-flight title race. Celtic were on a mission – bordering on obsession – to prevent Rangers winning a 10th successive championship, surpassing the record of nine both clubs had achieved.

Has any football club won 10 in a row?

10 – BFC Dynamo (1979–1988) 10 – Dinamo Tbilisi (1990–1999)

Who is the most successful football team in the world?

The top 10 Football clubs with the most trophies in 2022

  1. Al Ahly SC. The Cario-based club Al Ahly is considered the most successful globally by trophy count.
  2. Rangers FC.
  3. Club Nacional de Football.
  4. Atletico Penarol.
  5. Celtic FC.
  6. Barcelona.
  7. Real Madrid.
  8. S. L. Benfica.

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