Can I wear a kimono as a dressing gown?

A satin kimono robe is perfect for lounging in and getting a feel of a relaxing and luxurious evening. In fact, it is even a common choice for bridal robes because of the comfort they provide. These classic and elegant robes are often made of either silk or satin.

What are Japanese dressing gowns called?

Kimono and Yukata are traditional Japanese garments that have charmed their way around the world due to their beauty and style. Both are full-length T-shaped robes that have long sleeves and are secured with a decorative belt, worn by both men and women.

What is a Japanese bathrobe called?

The yukata (浴衣) is a casual version of the kimono. It is a robe usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, wrapped around the body and fastened with a sash (obi). Yukata literally means “bathing cloth”, and it was originally intended to be just that.

What are short kimonos called?

Kofurisode, with the shortest sleeves, can also be worn with formal pants, or hakama. Compared to the other furisode kimono types, it is not as common. The look, especially with the hakama and boots, calls back to the Meiji period. During that time, it was the kimono style of many Japanese school girls.

Is putting accessories on a kimono disrespectful?

3) No watch, accessories or jewelry when wearing a kimono Believe it or not, there are specific rules to not wear accessories when you wear a kimono. It’s important that you take all your accessories off before you wear a kimono. All kimono are made of silk, and some of them are made from very expensive ones.

Can I wear a kimono robe?

Kimono robes afford you the comfort of wearing authentic Japanese fashion without the restrictions of traditional kimono. Simply put, there are no rules on how to wear one! Your kimono robe can be loungewear, sleepwear, outerwear, or as a dress, and can be worn year round.

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