Is Lamy 2000 worth it?

The Lamy 2000 is a beloved pen but it is also one with a known issue—the nib tines are often misaligned resulting in a scratching, uneven writing experience. The idea of buying such an expensive pen and essentially rolling the dice on fit and finish does not sit well with me.

Is Lamy 2000 ballpoint worth it?

So why is the Lamy 2000 such a great workhorse? In short, because it ticks all of the boxes: understated design, light weight and good balance, the ability to post, a good nib that’s not too wet, and a large ink capacity. As you’ll see, I consider this pen to have a lot of “pros”, with very few “cons”.

Is Lamy 2000 Smooth?

The finish on the Lamy 2000 both looks great and feels great in the hand… I usually write with a fine, but all of the Lamy mediums I have used were super smooth, and the 2000 was no exception….Details.

mm/g/ml in/oz/fl. oz
Weight: 25.00 0.85
Ink Capacity: 1.35 0.05

Does Lamy 2000 have a gold nib?

The gold nib on the Lamy 2000 is understated, with no fancy engravings or flourishes. The nib is semi-hooded, which means that part of the nib is recessed into the pen’s body. This helps to keep the nib moist when the pen is uncapped, but it also brings the nib in line with the pen’s sleek design.

Is Lamy 2000 a wet writer?

The Lamy 2000’s writing experience is the best in my writing arsenal. The medium nib is very smooth, very wet, and very pleasant.

What nib does Lamy 2000 use?

The LAMY 2000 has been writing design history since 1966. As a timeless classic it is still one of the most modern writing instruments today….Additional information.

Weight 0.8 lbs
Nib Material 14K Gold
Nib Color Rhodium
Filling System Piston
Compatible Refills Bottle-fill Only

Where do you grip Lamy 2000?

I prefer a grip that sits around 10-11mm, so I hold my pen just slightly above the tabs on the side of the barrel. If you like a narrower grip, you can hold the pen closer to the paper on the brushed metal section.

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