What is postforming grade laminate?

Post Form Grade Laminate Post forming is the process of applying laminate to a particleboard substrate using heat and pressure. Post form grade laminate is thin and often made with a different process than vertical or horizontal grade. This allows the material to bend and adhere to particleboard.

What is the thickness of post form laminate?

Typical results for Wilsonart® Postforming Grade 350 (HGP) Laminate is 9/16″ (14.3mm) outside and 3/16″ (4.8mm) inside radii.

How thick is general purpose laminate?

The 1/16-inch thickness is a general-purpose laminate. The thinner, 1/32-inch sheets are called vertical-grade laminate and are for use as facing for blacksplashes, drawer fronts, doors, and cabinets. Vertical-grade laminates are too thin to be used for countertops.

How thick is horizontal grade laminate?

Standard Grade, also called Horizontal Grade is the usual choice is most frequently used for work surfaces on counters, islands, vanities, desks and tables. The most commonly used grade, recommended for applications where maximum impact resistance and durability are required. Specs: thickness: . 048”/1.2mm.

What does Postforming mean?

The term ‘postforming’ is used to describe the bending process applied to specially developed grades of laminate which, whilst possessing all the well-known properties of standard grade high pressure laminates, can also be formed into simple cylindrical concave or convex curves.

How is postforming done?

Post forming is basically a process where laminates are applied on a surface such as plywood or MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). In fact, post forming can be done on any surface that has edges that are specially formed. After this, the laminate can be rolled over the edges.

How thick is countertop laminate?

Laminate countertops have a standard thickness of an inch and a half, though fabricators can produce various thicknesses. Some homeowners prefer a thicker countertop to mimic stone.

How thick should a laminate countertop be?

How much does a 4X8 sheet of laminate weight?

Laminates are always shipped in an over-sized box therefore classified as a DIM weight shipment. To ship one 4X8 sheet that weighs 11 lbs UPS/FedEx calculates its dimensional (DIM) weight at 84 lbs.

What are the different grades of Formica countertops?

We offer versions of this material in grades ranging from 82 to 86, using metals such as aluminum, copper, and steel. This is a key product line for the company and it can be especially useful for vertical applications, or as a decorative addition to doors or cabinets. Thicknesses range from 0.7 to 1.3 mm.

What is Postform made from?

Postforming Process The technical specifications are that decorative papers saturated in melamine resin are combined with phenolic-soaked kraft layers at pressures above 750 psi and temperatures close to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

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