What is Kasundi sauce made of?

Kasundi (Bengali: কাসুন্দি) is the Asian or Bengali variety of mustard sauce or relish. It has the pungent paste of fermented mustard seeds, spices and sometimes dried mangoes, dried Indian plum and olives. Kasundi is popular as a dipping sauce in Bengali cuisine.

Is mustard sauce and Kasundi same?

Kasundi is a traditional Bengali recipe that can be paired with snacks, appetizers and finger foods. This delectable dish is also known as Bengal Mustard Sauce and is made with the goodness of tomato, mustard seeds, white vinegar, cayenne pepper and garlic.

What does Kasundi taste like?

Traditional Bengali Kasundi is made with raw mango and fermented mustard seeds and is known as Aam Kasundi. Green chillies, ginger, vinegar and lime juice are also mixed with it to bring out that spicy taste and tartness in it.

Which Kasundi is best?

We chose MonBangla Bengali Kasundi as our Top Pick. It’s pungent, piquant and well-seasoned….Pros

  • The packaging is the best amongst all the brands.
  • This is the thickest kasundi.
  • The graininess adds a wonderful texture to the condiment.
  • We liked the well rounded, well spiced kasundi.
  • There is no overpowering bitterness.

Is Kasundi a mustard?

Kasundi is typically spicy and savoury mustard chutney, used as a condiment in dipping like other sauces. This mustard sauce goes well with Pakoras, Samosas and fried fish! Kasundi or Yellow Mustard Sauce is also used as spread on sandwiches and non veg dishes.

Can Kasundi be used in cooking?

I was surprised and realized one can make several dishes using Kasundi. You can cook fishes, meat or veggies and even Paneer or Chana with Kasundi. The best part is you only need a few green chilies, salt, and mustard oil along with the protein or veggies to make the dishes.

What is Kasundi English?

Kasundi is the Asian or Indian variety of mustard sauce. It is a classic Bengali mustard relish made by fermented mustard seeds.

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