Has Fantano ever given a 10?

Fantano has only given seven albums a perfect 10 so far: “The Money Store” by Death Grips, “To Be Kind” by Swans, “To Pimp a Butterfly” by Kendrick Lamar, Kids See Ghosts’ self-titled album, “You Won’t Get What You Want” by Daughters, “The Turning Wheel” by Spellling, and most recently, “Sinner Get Ready” by Lingua …

What did Fantano give CLB?

After giving Kanye West’s “Donda” a 7/10 rating, Anthony Fantano gives Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” a 3/10.

What is Anthony Fantano’s Favourite album?

Anthony Fantano names Spellling’s The Turning Wheel as his favourite album of 2021. Anthony Fantano, aka the internet’s busiest music nerd, has dropped his top 50 albums of 2021 list, with Spellling’s The Turning Wheel taking the top spot.

What does watching the needle drop mean?

A “needle drop” is slang used in the film industry to describe when a pre-existing song is used in a movie. In the best cases, the audio and video become intertwined to the point where people can’t disassociate the song from the film.

Is Fantano biracial?

Fantano was born in Connecticut and is of Sicilian American descent.

Is certified lover boy good?

Drake’s sixth album sounds good but feels labored. Melancholic and often incisive, it becomes an overlong and very familiar journey through the life, mind, and heart of Drake. The Certified Lover Boy is selectively honest, occasionally heartless, and set in his ways.

What is Anthony Fantano’s favorite band?

He said in a livestream that the Beatles had 1 or 2 10s and that this would be one of them. Said it was one of his favorite albums and his favorite Beatles album. He said in a livestream that the Beatles had 1 or 2 10s and that this would be one of them.

How old is Anthony Fantano?

36 years (October 28, 1985)Anthony Fantano / Age

What is a Needledrop movie?

Needle drop (movie scoring), the use of an existing recording rather than an original score in a film.

What is the most successful song from a movie?

Songs from movies that became Number 1 hits

  • Love is All Around/(Everything I Do) I Do it For You.
  • The Shoop Shoop Song.
  • Unchained Melody.
  • La Bamba.
  • Take My Breath Away.
  • Into the Groove.
  • Summer Nights and You’re the One That I Want.
  • Night Fever. 1978 was a big year for movies and especially ones starring John Travolta.

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