What year was the PSE chaos made?

Razor Edge) was that the Chaos did not have as much draw weight adjustment….PSE Chaos vs. Diamond Razor Edge.

Bow PSE Chaos Diamond Razor Edge
Version 2013 AD 2012
Brace Height 6.25 “ 7 “
AtA Length 32.25 “ 31 “

Does PSE make good compound bows?

Most Accurate: PSE Carbon Air Stealth Mach 1 I love an excellent carbon bow build, and PSE Archery has created a standout compound with its Carbon Air Stealth Mach 1. Built with a new longer carbon riser, this 32 1/8-inch axle-to-axle bow will perform as well in tight treestands as it will on mountain hunts.

Does PSE bows have a lifetime warranty?

Each PSE Bow is backed by a PSE Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner for the life of the product. Product will be replaced or repaired to restore it to its original performance. Cables, strings, or wearable items are not covered by this warranty.

What does PSE mean compound bow?


How do you change the draw length on a PSE chaos?

To adjust draw length, loosen the two 8-32 button head screws 2 full turns. This will allow the inner-cam to be lifted far enough to disengage the positioning pin and allow the inner-cam to rotate to a new position.

Is bowtech better than PSE?

I own both PSE and Bowtech and while both are good bows I would definitely choose Bowtech as imo they tune much easier, typically quieter and more accurate for me.

How do I contact PSE Archery?

WE ARE HERE TO HELP Customer service or warranty inquiry? For fastest service, contact PSE directly at (520) 884-9065 between the hours of 7AM-330PM Arizona Mountain Time, Monday-Friday.

Which is better PSE or Mathews?

Mathews is quieter and has less shock, just kind of sits there and has a bass note resonation. It is slower than the PSE. Also a bit more neutral for balance without stabs. Tophat system is easy to work on but is costly if you need to purchase parts.

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