Can I travel from Guangzhou to Hong Kong?

Guangzhou does not border with Hong Kong. Traveling between these two cities, the most convenient and non-stop ways can be train transport and air transport. Of course, you can also transfer in Shenzhen (a city borders with Hong Kong) or take a ferry or coach.

How long does it take to get from Hong Kong to Guangzhou?

The distance from Guangzhou to Hong Kong is about 170 kilometers (106 miles). 50-60 minutes Hong Kong – Guangzhou High Speed Trains, 3-3.5 hours long-distance buses and 1.5-2 hours ferries are popular modes of transportation between the two cities.

Is Guangzhou near Hong Kong?

Hong Kong and Guangzhou may only be separated by 111 miles (179 kilometers) and share a main language of Cantonese, but because Hong Kong is a Special Administrative District and Guangzhou is a part of mainland China, traveling between these two cities is slightly more complicated than traveling between two mainland …

Can you drive from mainland China to Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong mainland China driving scheme (Chinese: 自駕遊計畫) is a cross-border driving scheme which allows drivers of cars with primary registration in mainland China to drive directly to Hong Kong. Currently, mainland cars have the driver seat on the left, while HK cars have driver seat on the right.

Why is Guangzhou famous?

It’s China’s most important port Situated on the Pearl River, Guangzhou has a maritime heritage stretching back over 2,000 years and its vast port is China’s main transport and trading hub. It was also one of the starting points of the old Silk Road, a trading route that stretched across Asia.

Why is Guangzhou so populated?

The region around Guangzhou is known for its massive influx of migrants, with up to 30 million additional migrants living in the area for at least six months out of every year. This vast influx of people from other areas, called the floating population, is due to the city’s fast-growing economy and high labor demands.

Is Hong Kong safe in 2021?

Do not travel to the PRC’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), Jilin province, and Shanghai municipality due to COVID-19-related restrictions, including the risk of parents and children being separated. Reconsider travel to the PRC’s Hong Kong SAR due to arbitrary enforcement of local laws.

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