What is the hard drive format for Mac?

Apple File System (APFS), the default file system for Mac computers using macOS 10.13 or later, features strong encryption, space sharing, snapshots, fast directory sizing, and improved file system fundamentals.

How do I format a hard drive for Mac and Mac?

Either head to Applications > Utilities, or tap Command + Space and start typing Disk Utility. Once Disk Utility is open you’ll see the list of available drives on the left. Choose the drive you’d like to format. NOTE that formatting your drive will erase the contents, so make sure you back it up first!

Can you format a hard drive for macbook pro?

In Disk Utility on Mac, you can erase and reformat storage devices to use with your Mac. Erasing a storage device deletes everything on it. If you have any files you want to save, copy them to another storage device.

What is Mac journaled?

A Mac OS Extended volume can be journaled, which means that the operating system keeps a continuous log (journal) of the changes made to the files on the volume.

How do I enable journaling on my Mac?

Enable journaling

  1. Go to Applications > Disk Utility.
  2. Select the volume or drive on which journaling is to be enabled. If the volume is formatted with Mac OS Extended (Journaled), journaling is already active.
  3. Select the File menu option.
  4. From the dropdown list, select Enable journaling.

How can I format my macbook pro?

Hold down the Command and R keys as soon as you hear the Mac tone indicating a reboot. Wait for the macOS Utilities screen to appear, then click Disk Utility. Choose your Mac’s system drive, usually named Macintosh HD, then click Erase. Select the Format option Mac Extended (Journaled) or APFS.

How do I format my WD Elements 2021 for Mac?

How to format the WD element on your Mac device?

  1. Connect the WD elemental hard disk to your Mac powered device.
  2. Go to the disk utility option.
  3. Choose the hard drive you want to format.
  4. Select the format options.
  5. Erase the drive.

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