What countries are near Dublin?

10 Great Destinations You Can Get to from Dublin

  • Amsterdam, Holland.
  • Barcelona, Spain.
  • Bruges, Belgium.
  • Budapest, Hungary.
  • Florence, Italy.
  • London, England.
  • Madrid, Spain.
  • Paris, France.

What other countries are near Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland, which is also known simply as Ireland, covers five-sixths of the island. Ireland is bordered by only one nation, which is the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland).

What county is closest to Dublin?

Dublin shares a border with three counties – Meath to the north and west, Kildare to the west and Wicklow to the south.

What counties border Ireland?

The name of the region refers to its location along the Republic of Ireland–United Kingdom border. It is not a cross-border region. It comprises the Irish counties of Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan and Sligo….Demographics.

County Donegal
Area (km2) 4,861
Population 158,755
% of region pop. 40.4%
Change 2011-2016 -1.2%

Which European country is the closest to Ireland?

With £1.6 billion of exports in 2019, not only is Ireland Wales’ closest EU neighbour, but it’s also Wales’ fourth largest export market. Both Celtic countries share deep historic, social, and cultural links.

How far apart are Dublin and Belfast?

The total driving distance from Dublin, Ireland to Belfast, United Kingdom is 106 miles or 171 kilometers. The total straight line flight distance from Dublin, Ireland to Belfast, United Kingdom is 87 miles.

Which part of Ireland is Dublin in?

Dublin is situated in eastern-central Ireland, on the coast facing the Irish Sea, at the head of a large crescent-shaped bay that is sheltered on its southern side by the Wicklow Mountains. The city occupies a generally flat site, which is bisected from west to east by the River Liffey.

What are the 4 counties of Ireland?

Ireland’s counties and provinces

  • Connacht.
  • Ulster.
  • Munster.
  • Leinster.

Is Dublin West or border?

Border Region

Regions of Republic of Ireland
Dublin Region Dublin
South-East Region Carlow | Kilkenny | Tipperary | Wexford | Waterford
South-West Region Kerry | Cork
Mid-West Region Clare | Tipperary | Limerick

Is Ireland Dublin part of the UK?

Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland, which is NOT in the United Kingdom. Currently, the UK contains Northern Ireland, which is a…

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