Who is BMW commercial girl?

BMW Debuts Television Commercial for the BMW 3 Series featuring Actress Brooklyn Decker. Latest Facts & Figures.

Who is the actress in the BMW x3 commercial?

actress Brooklyn Decker
“Opportunity Knocks,” starring actress Brooklyn Decker, features the BMW 3 Series, the quintessential Ultimate Driving Machine that invented the Sports Sedan segment.

How much did BMW pay for their Super Bowl ad?

Director Bryan Buckley said, “never had more star power than these two” when referring to the two talented actors. If you’re wondering about how much it costs to advertise during Super Bowl, $6.5 million for a 30-second ad. That translates to the highest ad price in the history of the NFL.

Who is the actor in the BMW commercial?

With a little help from Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus and Salma Hayek as his wife, Hera, BMW reimagined the Greek god in a hilarious new Super Bowl 2022 ad for their all-electric vehicle, the BMW iX.

Is Salma Hayek in a Super Bowl commercial?

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger play Zeus alongside Salma Hayek in Super Bowl advert. Arnold Schwarzenegger made an appearance as Zeus at the Super Bowl last night (February 13). The actor teamed up with Salma Hayek for a comical BMW commercial, which you can watch below.

What is the name of the song on the BMW commercial?

The music playing in the 2022 iX & i4 BMW advert is a song called ‘Higher Power’ which has just been released by the British pop-rock band Coldplay. Released for download in May, the track was co-written by all the four-piece group’s members.

What song is playing in the new BMW X3 commercial?

2022 BMW X3 TV Spot, ‘Unparalleled Connection’ Song by Calvin Harris, Sam Smith [T2]

How many electric car commercials were in the Super Bowl?

On Super Bowl Sunday, I eat chips and dip, laugh at the absurd high-budget commercials, and get a free concert at halftime! This year, electric cars dominated the commercial breaks with eight different electric vehicle (EV) commercials during Super Bowl LVI.

Who plays Poseidon in BMW commercial?

And not just that, BMW Electric has also borrowed from Greek mythology, with Schwarzenegger and Hayek playing mythological couple Zeus and Hera, while Moeller is Poseidon. Here’s the lowdown on why fans call this Super Bowl’s best commercial yet.

Who’s in the BMW Super Bowl commercial?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is harnessing the power of Zeus in his Super Bowl 2022 ad. The actor, 74, stars in a commercial for BMW’s iX electric car that aired at this year’s Super Bowl.

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