How do I apply for FMLA in NY?

To apply for leave under FMLA, contact the personnel office of your employer agency. If eligible and approved, the personnel office will provide to the Fund’s administrative office the appropriate information for continuation of Fund benefits.

How do I apply for FMLA leave?

To take FMLA leave, you must provide your employer with appropriate notice. If you know in advance that you will need FMLA leave (for example, if you are planning to have surgery or you are pregnant), you must give your employer at least 30 days advance notice.

What is a PFL form?

Note: Paid Family Leave (PFL) law requires employers to provide the Paid Family Leave (DE 2511) brochure only to new employees and employees who request leave to care for a seriously ill family member or bond with a new child.

What is the difference between FMLA and PFL in NY?

In addition, the FMLA only gives covered workers the right to take time off to care for a parent, spouse, or a child, while New York’s paid family leave law gives you the right to take time off to care for a longer list of family members.

How does FMLA work in NY?

In order to be eligible for FMLA leave, you must have worked for your employer for at least 12 months and for a minimum of 1,250 hours during the 12 months right before your requested leave. If you are eligible, you have the right to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from work within a 12 month period.

How does paid family leave work in NY?

Paid Family Leave benefits provides up to 12 weeks of partially paid time-off along with job protection. The benefit amount may change a little bit every year: while it’s set at 67% of your average weekly wage (AWW) capped at 67% of NY’s Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW), the SAWW is updated each year by the state.

How long is NYS PFL?

12 weeks
New York State Paid Family Leave provides eligible employees with up to 12 weeks of job protected, paid time off to bond with a new child, care for a family member with a serious health condition, or to assist loved ones when a family member is deployed abroad on active military service.

How long can you take PFL in NY?

How many weeks of Paid Family Leave are available to employees in 2021? Eligible employees can take up to 12 weeks of Paid Family Leave in 2021.

Who is eligible for FMLA in NY?

Employees are eligible for leave if they have worked for their employer at least 12 months, at least 1,250 hours over the past 12 months, and work at a location where the company employs 50 or more employees within 75 miles.

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