What are aphids and mites?

Aphids & Spider Mites are the most common and damaging insect pests on garden plants. They feed on the leaves sap and distribute in colonies. Aphids adults can be found in black, brown, gray, light green, yellow, white or even pink! They are under ¼-inch and almost invisible to the human eye.

What is the difference between aphids and mealybugs?

Mealybugs move slower than aphids. They can be found on every part of the plant, even the roots. They especially love to hang out in the nodes and are a common pest of houseplants. If you see something which looks like white cotton on your plants, then it’s mealybugs.

What is Greenfly?

What are greenfly? Greenfly, part of a wider group of insects called aphids, are one of the most common ‘pests’ in our gardens. They are attracted to all types of plants and flowers because they like to eat the sap they exude. They are commonly associated with their love of roses but they can be found on any plant.

What is the difference between aphids and whiteflies?

Aphid-cast skins can easily be mistaken for whitefly, but whitefly will quickly flutter up and fly away when disturbed. Their quick flight pattern coupled with the fact that they hide on the underside of leaves make them difficult to control.

Are aphids insects or arachnids?

Aphids are a type of insect that belong to the Aphidoidea superfamily. In the animal kingdom taxonomy, this superfamily is within the order Homoptera, which includes other sap-feeding insects.

What are aphids and thrips?

Aphids are tiny oval-shaped insects that can be of any color, although they’re most commonly found in light-green to red color. They are usually found sticking to stems and undersides of leaves as colonies. Thrips, on the other hand, are more slender-shaped winged insects and are typically yellow or black-colored.

What are scales and aphids?

Aphids, mealybugs and scales are the most common sap sucking insects in the garden. Along with whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs and scales belong to the suborder Sternorrhyncha of the Hemiptera family. This information sheet describes their biology and the control and prevention of these plant pests.

What is aphids life cycle?

Life cycle: Simple metamorphosis; parthenogenic. Most aphids reproduce sexually and develop through gradual metamorphosis (overwintering diapause egg, nymphs and winged or wingless adults) but also through a process called ‘parthenogenesis’ in which the production of offspring occurs without mating.

Are aphids flies?

It may appear as though all aphid species are able to fly, however, many are wingless and do not fly. Instead, they travel by crawling.

Is Green fly an aphid?

Aphids are sap-sucking true bugs. They range in size from 1 to 7mm (¼in or less) long. Some aphids are known as greenfly or blackfly, but there are species that are yellow, pink, white or mottled.

Are aphids small and white?

There are many species of aphids, some named after the plants they attack, such as pea aphids and peach aphids. In general, all are small (1/16 to 1/4 inch long) and oval-shaped, and can be black, white, green or pink. Although most aren’t very mobile, some forms have wings.

What do whiteflies look like?

Whiteflies are tiny (about 1/12th of an inch) triangular-shaped flying insects with a pale yellow or white body and white wings. Some varieties may look a bit different, like the bandedwinged whitefly, that has subtle stripes on its wings.


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