What appears on a DOT label?

DOT labels must have the hazard class number, or the division number, printed in a font that is at least 6.3 mm (0.25 inches) and not greater than 12.7 mm (0.5 inches) in height.

What markings must be on a box containing hazmat?

Marking Non-bulk Packages In general, non-bulk packages of hazardous material must be marked with three pieces of information: Proper Shipping Name, Identification number, and. Either the consignee’s or consignor’s name and address, i.e., the “to” or “from” address.

What are the 4 traits of a DOT label?

D.O.T. hazmat labels give you forewarning of the hazards that are contained inside each package. The labels are diamond-shaped, color-matched, and have pictograms of the hazard and the class that the material belongs in. They also include special handling instructions.

What markings are found on a dangerous goods package?

Marking includes a descriptive name, the UN/ID number, the full name and address of the shipper and recipient, instructions and cautions and weight. Specific dangerous goods require specific marks, so be sure to review marking requirements.

What is marking and labeling on the package?

Marking and labeling are important steps when preparing a dangerous good package for transportation. Labels often communicate the hazards associated with the package, and markings ensure the shipment is handled so that spills, accidents and exposure are prevented.

What is marking in packaging?

Marks are essentially identifiers used to describe package contents in more detail than just the labels. They include the proper shipping name, identification number, limited and excepted quantities, and environmentally hazardous substances to name a few.

What is DOT shipping?

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the transportation of materials in the United States. The specific regulations define hazardous materials, and specify how to conduct practically every aspect of hazardous materials shipping.

What is marking and labeling?

What are marked goods?

Marked Product(s) means all products, goods and services that are manufactured, advertised, marketed, distributed, offered or sold by Licensee, or any Aquarium Supplier, under or with any of the Licensed Property.

How do you label a package?

Addressing a Package Recipient’s name. Business’s name (if applicable) Street address (with apartment or suite number) City, State and ZIP code (on the same line)*

How do I mark a package?

Addressing a Package

  1. Recipient’s name.
  2. Business’s name (if applicable)
  3. Street address (with apartment or suite number)
  4. City, State and ZIP code (on the same line)*
  5. Country*

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