Is the Sailor Jerry label a tattoo?

The key is taking off the label. Behind the traditional label of every bottle, the brand has placed a clear collectible sticker featuring the art of famous tattoo artist Normal Collins aka “Sailor Jerry.”

How do you get the label off a Sailor Jerry bottle?

(1.) Start by filling your bottle with very hot water. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Using your fingernail, slowly pick at one side of the label until it starts to lift off the glass.

How is Sailor Jerry rum made?

What Is Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Made From? An aged and blended Caribbean rum made from local sugar cane and molasses known as drunken sailor is handcrafted by the drunken sailor team. We then add to our special brew of all natural ingredients like tahitian vanilla cinnamon and secret spices at 46% abv (92 proof).

Does Sailor Jerry taste like Captain Morgan?

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum bites early on the palate quickly giving way to a sweet note of vanilla and caramel. The spice is satisfying and lingers for quite a while on the throat. Sailor Jerry is extremely spice forward with bold cloves and cinnamon and only a hint of sweetness.

Is Sailor Jerry good rum?

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is the best dark rum. It’s flavored with a blend of spices and has strong vanilla and cinnamon notes. Furthermore, it comes in 92 proof, which makes it a standout in rum cocktails.

Can you sip Sailor Jerry?

Sailor Jerry is on the sweet side of the spiced-rum equation with a pronounced vanilla flavor and just a hint of cinnamon-y heat. It’s not a rock-your-world spirit, but it’s certainly easy sipping.

What does Sailor Jerrys taste like?

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was developed after loads of historical research into maritime rums. The all-natural spices and flavors we chose give our rum a rich, smooth taste characterized by top notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

What rum is top shelf?

Top Shelf Rum Picks From The Distiller Community

  • 8 SelvaRey Chocolate Rum.
  • 7 Chairman’s Reserve The Forgotten Casks Rum.
  • 6 Kirk and Sweeney 23 Year Rum.
  • 5 Bacardí Oakheart Spiced Rum.
  • 4 Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum.
  • 3 Balcones Rumble.
  • 2 Appleton Estate 21 Year Limited Edition.
  • 1 Ron Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum.

Can you drink Sailor Jerrys straight?

Smoothness is the key to Sailor Jerry’s versatility. It has a long dry finish with a subdued sweetness and a hint of burnt toffee. Whether it’s straight up, mixed, or in a cocktail, you can enjoy it any way you like.

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