How many German paratroopers died on Crete?

More than 1700 British, Commonwealth and Greek soldiers were killed and 15,000 captured during the Battle for Crete. There were 671 New Zealanders among the dead, and 2180 Kiwi prisoners of war. More than 6000 Germans were killed or wounded.

Who besieged methone?

Macedonian king Philip II
Unlike the rest of Pieria, Methone was not ruled by Macedonia but was an ally of Athens and since 434 BC, a member of the Athenian League. The city was besieged by the Macedonian king Philip II, who thereby lost his eye by an arrow (354/3 BC).

Who won the Cretan war?

Rhodian victory
Cretan War (205–200 BC)

Cretan War
Date 205–200 BC Location Crete, Rhodes, Greece, Asia Minor, and Aegean Sea Result Rhodian victory Territorial changes Eastern Crete to Rhodes
Macedonia, Hierapytna, Olous, Aetolia, Spartan pirates, Acarnania Rhodes, Pergamum, Byzantium, Cyzicus, Athens, Knossos

How did the Allies lose Crete?

Greek and other Allied forces, along with Cretan civilians, defended the island. After one day of fighting, the Germans had suffered heavy casualties and the Allied troops were confident that they would defeat the invasion….Battle of Crete.

Date 20 May – 1 June 1941 (13 days)
Result Axis victory

Why did the British lose the Battle of Crete?

Several other British warships were sunk or damaged by air attack during the battle, and it became very difficult for the fleet to support the troops on the island. Only fast warships could go there by sailing at night and leaving before dawn, which limited the amount of cargo or troops that could be sent.

Who liberated Crete in ww2?

Crete’s residents joined 40,000 British, Greek, Australian and New Zealand troops in defending the island, often shooting down parachutes using their own rifles. However, the Allied forces misjudged the attack and, after an intense eight days of fighting, Crete fell to the Germans and the Allied forces withdrew.

Did Macedonia conquer Thrace?

The Macedonian hegemony over Greece was secured by their victory over a Greek coalition army led by Athens and Thebes, at the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC….Expansion of Macedonia under Philip II.

Date 359–336 BC
Location Thrace, Illyria, Greece, Asia Minor
Result Macedonia expands to dominate Ancient Greece and the southern Balkans

Who preserved Minoan culture?

Its economy benefited from a network of trade around much of the Mediterranean. The civilization was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century through the work of British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans.

What is the longest siege in history?

The siege of Heraklion (today Heraklion, Crete) was the longest siege in history: it lasted no less than twenty-one years, which means that those born in the first years of the siege came to fight in the last battles. The siege began in May 1648, after the Knights Hospitaller attacked an Ottoman convoy.

What was the shortest siege in history?

The siege of Candia (modern Heraklion, Crete) was a military conflict in which Ottoman forces besieged the Venetian-ruled city….Siege of Candia.

Date 1 May 1648 – 27 September 1669 (21 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 5 days)
Location Heraklion, Crete
Result Ottoman victory
Territorial changes Crete ceded to Ottomans

Who liberated Greece?

Mainland Greece was liberated in October 1944 with the German withdrawal in the face of the advancing Red Army, while German garrisons continued to hold out in the Aegean Islands until after the war’s end. The country was devastated by war and occupation, and its economy and infrastructure lay in ruins.

Did the Allies retake Crete?

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