What UTM zone is Turkey?

ED50 / UTM zone 38N.

What is the geodetic datum used in Turkey?

The new datum and coordinate system of Turkey is the datum and coordinates system of TUTGA. Especially in remote sensing applications in order to orient and scale images remote sensing people use hand held GPS or small scale maps such as 1:25000 scales in Turkey.

What are the types of coordinate reference system?

There are two different types of coordinate reference systems: Geographic Coordinate Systems and Projected Coordinate Systems.

How many types of coordinate systems are there?

There are three commonly used coordinate systems: Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical.

Is UTM a projected coordinate system?

Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) is a map projection-based global coordinate system that provides location information using pairs of Cartesian coordinates in metric units (metres).

How many EPSG are there?

As of EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset v9. 3 (it’s now up to 9.4. 1 online), there are 5822 coordinate reference systems. This includes projected, geographic/geodetic, vertical, and a few engineering ones.

Where can I find EPSG projection?

The terrain data will be reprojected from their source Coordinate System to the Project Coordinate System. An online database with all cooordinate system and its EPSG code can be found online on http://spatialreference.org.

What is WGS84 coordinate system?

WGS 84 is the standard U.S. Department of Defense definition of a global reference system for geospatial information and is the reference system for the Global Positioning System (GPS). It is compatible with the International Terrestrial Reference System (ITRS).

What datum is Google Earth in?

Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth use a Mercator projection based on the World Geodetic System (WGS) 1984 geographic coordinate system (datum). This Mercator projection supports spheres only, unlike the ESRI Mercator implementation, which supports spheres and ellipsoids.

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