What are the rules of competitive cheerleading?

Cheerleading Rules 2021-22

  • Be respectful. We expect complete respect to ALL cheerleaders, coaches, fans, and school personnel throughout the entire season.
  • Be on time.
  • Be prepared.
  • Be determined.
  • Manage your attendance.
  • Absences.
  • Care for your equipment.
  • Pay attention to the game.

What stunts are illegal in high school cheerleading?

Suspended inverted stunts, Basket toss flips, and 2 ½ high (3 tier) pyramids are prohibited by the NFHS High School Spirit Rules. Basket tosses and twisting dismounts/release/tumbling also have limitations this year.

Is cheerleading a UIL sport in Texas?

Spirit is a sanctioned UIL extracurricular activity, and students participating on cheerleading teams or spirit squads are currently identified as extracurricular participants.

What is Level 2 cheer?

Level 2. On level 2, teams start doing more stunting on extended level and handsprings in tumbling. Two-legged stunts are allowed on extended level and one-legged stunts don’t need a brace on prep level. Teams are allowed up to ½ twist to extended two-legged stunts and prep level one-legged stunts.

Are helicopters illegal in cheer?

Helicopters are allowed provided all of the following conditions are met: 1) The top person makes no more than a 180 degree rotation (half-turn). 2) Four bases must be in position during the entire release. 3) There must be a base at the head/shoulder area during the initiation of the toss as well as the catch.

Do you need a physical to do cheer?

All Star cheerleading as well as competitive high school and collegiate cheerleading require both physical exertion as well as skill when teams compete against one another at many of the cheerleading competitions that are held across the country.

What is a cheer sponsor?

Purpose: The Assistant High School Cheerleader Sponsor promotes sportsmanship and physical fitness among students. The Assistant High School Cheerleader Sponsor supervises all cheerleader activities, and works closely with other staff and the administration of U.S.D.

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