Who won the Foothills Home Lottery Early Bird 2020?

Another Calgarian, Brenda Kreuger, won the $1.2-million early bird prize of an 1,800-square-foot luxury condo in Canmore, Alta.

Who won the lottery in Calgary?

Tai Trinh, 63, won his prize from a $6 quick pick ticket at a northeast Calgary gas station. Another winner, Bon Truong of Edmonton, won $60 million in the draw on Oct. 26, 2018. Truong waited 10 months before claiming his prize.

Who won the Calgary Home Lottery 2021?

September 9th, 2021 Congratulations to our first big prize winner! Reid Hilton (Ticket #030596) from Strathmore, AB has won a 2021 BMW M440i xDrive Coupe OR $75,000 Cash!

Who won the Hospital Home Lottery 2020?

David Pastor
CALGARY — A Calgary man is the winner of a multi-million dollar show home in Cranston, the top prize in this year’s Foothills Hospital Home Lottery. David Pastor won the $2.6 million dream home, located at 181 Cranbrook Point S.E., in the draw.

What is a 50/50 add on?

The 50/50 Add-On is another way to win big with the Princess Margaret Lottery. The 50/50 Add-On comprises one (1) prize. The winner will be awarded half the 50/50 jackpot. A guaranteed $500,000 minimum prize payout will be paid to the 50/50 Add-On winner.

What lotteries are in Alberta?

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  • Alberta Gold.
  • American Original.
  • Diamond Millions.
  • Jackpot Junction.

Is Full House lottery tax deductible?

Yes, however you must be in Alberta at time of purchase. Is my purchase tax deductible / do I get a tax receipt? No, there is no tax receipt issued as Revenue Canada deems the purchase of a raffle (lottery) ticket to not be a donation. All lottery winnings are tax free.

Do you pay capital gains on lottery home?

If the house is sold for more than it was worth upon taking ownership because of market changes, the rise in value would be considered a capital gain. If you did have an increase in value you would be expected to recognize the capital gain.

How do you know if you won Stars lottery?

Winning tickets have been posted on the STARS LOTTERY website. All winners can expect to receive a letter in the mail detailing what they have won and how to claim their prize. Please be aware that you are not required to pay for shipping or to claim a prize. Thank you for supporting STARS LOTTERY.

How do I claim my lottery winnings in Alberta?

Winners can still claim prizes under $1,000 at retail. We recommend that claimants check with the retailer first to be sure they are able to pay out the prize….Walk-in claims are not be accepted.

  1. St. Albert Prize Payout Office – 780-447-8616.
  2. Calgary Prize Payout Office – 403-663-8301.
  3. Email: payoutsa@aglc.ca.

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