What does cabello mean in Spanish slang?

head of hair [the ~] noun.

What is the meaning of Claro?

The word claro comes from the Latin word clarus, variously meaning “clear” (as in “clear water”), “light” (as in “light blue”), and “obvious.”

What does Claro mean in Costa Rica?

This week’s Spanish word of the week is claro. Claro is an adverb that means sure; of course and you can find out how to pronounce it here: Claro is a word you’ll hear very, very often in conversation. The more you use it appropriately when speaking, the more natural your Spanish will sound.

What is the difference between cabello and pelo?

The real difference between the two words is that el pelo is much more general for “hair”. El pelo is “hair”. And el cabello is “tresses” or “mane”. In that sense, el pelo can be used for any kind of hair.

What does Pelo mean in English hair eyes head face?

pelo. hair ; bristle. They are followed in turn by the see and see also references to the heading: HEAD see also BRAIN; EAR; EYE; FACE; hair; NOSE.

Does Claro mean yes?

Other than sí, the word for “yes,” claro is the word most commonly used in Spanish for expressing agreement, either with something someone has said or with a statement expressed earlier by the speaker. As an intensifier, claro can be translated in a variety of ways, depending on the context.

Do they say Claro in Mexico?

I think “Claro” is most used in Mexican, while “Por supuesto” is more commonly used in traditional Spanish. Desde luego hay una diferencia.

What is the proper word for hair in Spanish?

pelo in Spanish is “HAIR”.

What’s another word for hair in Spanish?

Where does Claro come from?

Claro is a popular Spanish and Italian surname. The name Claro derived from the Italian word chiari, which means “clear.” This nickname surname derived from an eke-name and reflects the physical attributes of its subject. The Claro surname was likely used to refer to a person with a light complexion.

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