What is the synonym for biased?

prejudice, partiality, partisanship, favouritism, unfairness, one-sidedness. bigotry, intolerance, racism, racialism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, chauvinism, anti-Semitism, discrimination, a jaundiced eye. predisposition, leaning, tendency, inclination, propensity, proclivity, proneness, predilection.

What is a biased person called?

Being biased is kind of lopsided too: a biased person favors one side or issue over another. While biased can just mean having a preference for one thing over another, it also is synonymous with “prejudiced,” and that prejudice can be taken to the extreme.

What’s the opposite of being biased?

What is the opposite of biased?

fair impartial
unbiased disinterested
equal equitable
evenhanded neutral
nonpartisan objective

Does biased mean fair or unfair?

biased. adjective. preferring one person, thing, or idea to another in a way that is unfair.

What do you call a person who is not Judgemental?

unbiased, unprejudiced, prejudice-free, accepting, non-partisan, neutral, non-aligned, non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, anti-discrimination, objective, disinterested, dispassionate, detached. tolerant, liberal, permissive, broad-minded, undogmatic, unprescriptive.

Is it wrong to be biased?

Having a bias doesn’t make you a bad person, however, and not every bias is negative or hurtful. It’s not recognizing biases that can lead to bad decisions at work, in life, and in relationships.

How do you use the word biased?

Biased sentence example

  1. The plan was biased in favor of small parties.
  2. Biased bowls were introduced in the 16th century.
  3. Saint-Simon’s fine but biased account of the court in her day and of her career is contained in the twelfth volume of Cheruel and Regnier’s edition of his Memoires.

What is a bias example?

Bias is an inclination toward (or away from) one way of thinking, often based on how you were raised. For example, in one of the most high-profile trials of the 20th century, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder. Many people remain biased against him years later, treating him like a convicted killer anyway.

How do you use the word biased in a sentence?

Examples of biased in a Sentence He is biased against women. The judges of the talent show were biased toward musical acts. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘biased.

What is the difference between biased and unbiased?

In a biased sample, one or more parts of the population are favored over others, whereas in an unbiased sample, each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected.

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