What can I do with broken pieces of mirror?

What to Do with a Broken Mirror: 5 Crafty Ways to Use It

  1. Build Unique Wall Art.
  2. Decorate Old Furniture.
  3. Create a Jewelry Organizer.
  4. Fashion a Mirrored Light.
  5. From Mirror Frame to Picture Frame.

How do you decorate a broken mirror?

13+ Creative Ways To Reuse Broken Mirror Ideas

  1. On-Line Portal: Make a garden gate by gluing the mirror pieces.
  2. Create a garden mosaic gazing ball and plate.
  3. Create a Shattered wall art.
  4. DIY Cubic Mosaic Concrete Planter.
  5. Mirror Mosaic Fence.
  6. Mosaic Coffee Table.
  7. Transform old furniture (closet, table) by using broken mirrors.

What can I make with old mirrors?

Ways to Upcycle Old Mirrors

  • Mirror frame to chalkboard.
  • Door and wallpaper mirror frame.
  • Mosaic tile frame mirror.
  • Dried flowers and ribbon mirror.
  • Vintage jewelry mirror frame.
  • Painted toy car mirror.
  • Vintage tennis racket mirrors.
  • Pop art painted frame mirror.

What do broken mirrors symbolize?

A broken mirror symbolizes misfortune, and you will suffer seven years of bad luck. This originates from the ancient Roman belief that it took seven years for life to renew itself. If the person looking into the mirror has bad health, their image would break the mirror and experience bad luck for seven years.

How do you make a mirror mosaic art?


  1. Prime the wood base back.
  2. Apply glue wash (mixture of about five parts water to one part white glue) to top and sides.
  3. Cut mirror into two or three pieces.
  4. Apply mirror edge sealant.
  5. Glue mirror to wood with Mirror Mastic.
  6. Assemble pieces for the design, starting with the fused glass.
  7. Cut pieces to desired sizes.

What can you do with glass mirrors?

Dispose of It or Consider a Recycling Center You also usually don’t have to break the mirror into very fine pieces, since the glass sorter grinds it before transporting it to a recycling facility. You can also recycle your broken mirror yourself if your city or local community has a recycling facility.

How do you dress up an old mirror?

5 Affordable Ways to Make Your Plain, Boring Mirror Look Like a Pricey Splurge

  1. Add a chunky wood frame.
  2. Make a tile mosaic border.
  3. Give it a sunburst-style frame.
  4. Use quick and easy sticker decals or etching.
  5. Light it up.
  6. Make a simple dowel frame.

How do you get good luck after breaking a mirror?

Either way, breaking a mirror is said to bring you heaps of misfortune–unless you use one of these foolproof hacks.

  1. Throw Salt Over Your Left Shoulder.
  2. Spin in Circles 3 Times.
  3. Grind the Mirror into a Fine Powder.
  4. Reuse the Broken Mirror.
  5. Toss the Broken Mirror into a South Running Stream.
  6. Blacken the Mirror with Fire.

Is it OK to buy second hand mirror?

Home stagers and other real estate professionals contend that mirrors are the one living room accessory you should always buy used. Not only are they often in pretty good shape, but used mirrors can be a fraction of the cost of what you might pay for a new larger format mirror.

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