How fast do GP2 cars go?

The car has a top speed of 320 km/h (198 mph) meaning that it is the fastest single seater racing car behind Formula One and IndyCar Series.

How much does it cost to run a GP2 team?

Team running costs (including staff and travel costs) make up around half the expenses, with half of the remainder spent on engines. Testing costs are estimated to be around $750,000 and direct car costs slightly less at $600,000. For a series only in its third year, GP2’s roster of sponsors is impressive.

What engines do GP2 cars use?

The car and engine – Each team uses a spec GP2/11 chassis built by Italian constructor Dallara. – The cars are powered by a four litre V8 Mecachrome engine which produces 612 HP at 10,000 RPM. – They can accelerate from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds. – The cars have a top speed of around 206mph.

What is GP2 and GP3 racing?

The GP3 Series, or GP3 for short, was a single-seater motor racing series launched in 2010 as a feeder series for the GP2 Series, introduced by GP2 organiser Bruno Michel. GP3 followed the entire European leg of the Formula One series and the GP2 (now Formula 2) series as a support race for the two.

How much does an F2 car cost?

The retail cost of the complete chassis package excluding the engine is currently up to 500,000 EUR (427,475 GBP; US$590,080) per car, while the Mecachrome V634T engine unit cost is up to 67,000 EUR (57,275.36 GBP; US$79,071.39) per unit.

How much is a F2 car?

How much does Max Verstappen make a year?

a $53.3 million
Now, Red Bull has reportedly rewarded Verstappen with at least a four-year deal worth a $53.3 million salary per year, the largest contract in F1 history.

What’s the difference between GP3 and Formula 3?

Now, after nine seasons, GP3 will be no more – in name, at least. Instead, the FIA is rebranding it as International Formula 3 as it seeks to simplify the route to F1. That means there’s a new car, too – and here it is: OK, yeah, so it’s basically the same as the current GP3 car, just with a Halo.

What is the difference between F3 and GP3?

Why was there two different brandings for the same level? The car is different hahahaha. Apart from the obvious, GP3 is the series where Bruno Michel (Who runs GP2 now F2) wants a series to rival up the at that time more better option F3 Euroseries.

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