What Fender guitars use nitrocellulose?

Fender still uses nitrocellulose lacquer finishes on a select group of instruments (Road Worn™ and American Vintage series, various artist models).

Which guitars have nitrocellulose finish?

Which Guitars Have Nitro Finishes? These days, this type of guitar finish is used almost exclusively by Gibson and Fender’s Custom Shop divisions. As these departments mostly produce premium time-honoured instruments, they therefore use nitro finishes to recapture the essence of their older vintage models.

Does Nitro sound better than poly?

One longstanding claim in particular is that the finish affects the tone, with nitro finishes being at the top of the tone heap and poly finishes at the bottom because of their supposed blanketing effect. But the real problem for tone on a solid body is not whether it’s nitro or poly, but how well it’s applied.

When did they stop using nitrocellulose on guitars?

Pretty much every collectible acoustic and electric guitar made up until the mid-1960s left the factory with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

Are 70s Fenders good?

These were extremely good guitars, and whilst a little more expensive than the Fender equivalent in the UK (not to mention limited in availability), they did show that Fender could be attacked from above as well as below. Fender could not afford to come second to anyone.

Does Martin use Nitro?

yes Martin uses Nitro on the standard series , The X series uses a poly wipe on finish . The satin finishes are also nitro with an additive to kill the gloss.

Are all Gibsons Nitro?

Originally all electric guitars in the 50’s and 60’s were made with a Nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Yet despite the advantages of Poly, Gibson continue to only use Nitro as the finish on all their USA made electric guitars including the iconic Les Pauls, SGs and 335 / 339s.

Which PRS guitars have nitro finish?

Share: Several PRS models, including our Sunburst, Satin, Modern Eagles, and DGT models use a nitrocellulose finish in order to provide the classic feel and tone of vintage instruments.

How do you fade a nitro finish?

find a good window with sunlight comin in, put your guitar in the sunlight for a few days. sweat is also an enemy, and so is smoking. Its UV light mate, so it will fade the paint. If Nitro don’t like sweat, try some salty water.

Do Martin guitars have nitrocellulose finish?

All modern Martin’s have a nitrocellulose finish, shellac hasn’t been used since the early 1920’s. Not sure how Martin does it, but a flattening agent can be added to gloss lacquer to make it satin. martin uses a product called chem sheen , it is a satin finished lacquer.

What is a Stratocaster Hardtail?

The term hard-tail has several meanings: A hardtail guitar bridge for an electric guitar or archtop guitar incorporates hardware that anchors the strings at or behind the bridge and is fastened securely to the top of the instrument.

Are Martin Guitars nitrocellulose finish?

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