What does a cessna c501 cost?

Cessna Citation ISP 501’s For Sale Prices range between $448,000 and $945,000 with 23 currently advertised for sale.

How much does a Citation Hemisphere cost?

$35 million each
On October 15, 2018, fractional operator NetJets announced the purchase of up to 150 Hemispheres, priced at $35 million each, along 175 Citation Longitude, sold for $26 million. In July 2019, Textron suspended the development as its Safran Silvercrest turbofans did not meet objectives.

How much does it cost to maintain a Cessna Citation?

Cessna Citation I Total Costs

Annual Cost Flying 200 hours per year
Maintenance $179,800
Engine Overhaul $88,400
Crew / Landing / Handling $45,000
Miscellaneous Variable $5,000

How much does a Cessna Citation 2 cost?

Citation II Specifications

Citation II General Info
Aircraft Manufacturer Cessna
Aircraft Year of Manufacture 1978 – 1995
Citation II Financial Data
Acquisition Cost $765,000 – $935,000

How much does a Cessna Denali cost?

$4.8 million
Capabilities of the Cessna Denali The Cessna Denali is currently being marketed for $4.8 million. When it comes to the overall performance of the Cessna Denali, its max range is 1,600 nm and its take-off distance is 2,950 ft.

How much is a Cessna Citation CJ4?

List price for a new CJ4 is $9.41 million. Conklin & de Decker data shows that the variable cost per hour is $1,569 when travelling 428 hours a year. This puts the total variable cost for one year at $671,617.

How much do Kardashians pay for private jet?

around $95 million
After reaching billionaire status in 2021, Kim Kardashian is splurging on a major luxury item. Is there anything more iconic than buying your own jet? Kim Kardashian flew from LA to Milan this past week in her new custom-built jet. According to TMZ, the businesswoman bought a G65OER plane for around $95 million.

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