What episode do Regina and Emma kiss?

I’ll Be Your Mirror (Once Upon a Time)

“I’ll Be Your Mirror”
Episode no. Season 6 Episode 8
Directed by Jennifer Lynch
Written by Jerome Schwartz & Leah Fong
Production code 608

Do Regina and Emma kiss in Ouat?

Tropes. MOMENTS • Almost Kiss – In the first season, Regina and Emma almost kiss. Belligerent Sexual Tension – Emma has already put Regina against the wall, which has created a certain sexual tension between the two.

Does Regina and Emma get together?

Emma promises to bring Regina’s happy ending no matter what. They join up together again against the snow Queen.

Are Regina and Emma related?

Relationship information Step-grandmother and step-granddaughter; both are close friends and even family members after season three took place; Emma saved Regina from the Darkness; Regina does not want Emma to become dark like her.

What episode does Emma kiss Hook?

Season 3. Hook guides Emma and her team through Neverland, and he obviously has a crush on her, even telling her so. However, he is constantly rejected. Later, they kiss in “Good Form” (3×05).

Does Regina find love?

As Parrilla notes, Regina’s happy ending does not include a love interest, but the character was briefly reunited with Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) in a dream during the finale — read more about that scene in our interview with executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis here.

What episode does Hook fall in love with Emma?

Season 4. In the beginning of season 4, Emma pulls away from Hook. Hook confronts her outside of Granny’s in “Rocky Road”(4×03) and they have a tender moment, ending with a passionate kiss. Hook and Emma are now in a relationship.

How is Regina related to Mr Gold?

Rumpelstiltskin) is Henry’s Grandfather. In Snow and Charming’s conversation. Charming Mentions that if “Gold” aka Rumpelstiltskin is Henry’s grandfather wouldn’t make that Regina (a.k.a The evil Queen/Henry’s Adopted mother)Henry’s Great Grandmother.

Who is Regina Mills true love?

Robin Hood
Regina also begins a relationship with Robin Hood, who is revealed by Tinker Bell to be Regina’s true love.

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