How do I get Raiden skin MGSV?

In order to unlock this suit, you’ll need the Grand Master Certificate (Standard) key item. To get this, you’ll have to complete every main mission with S-Rank. This does not include missions with the prefix Extreme, Subsistence or Total Stealth. After that, you’ll be able to develop the uniform at Mother Base.

How do you get Raiden uniform?

To unlock the Raiden outfit in Metal Gear Solid V: TPP you’re going to need the Grand Master Certificate item (which you should already have if you unlocked the Cyborg outfit), and you will want your R&D crew to be at least level 53, this will unlock the Raiden outfit in your development menu.

Is Raiden playable in MGSV?

In order to unlock Raiden as a playable character you must acheive an S rank in all main missions with the exception of extreme, total stealth and subsistence missions. You must beat secret mission 46 the man who sold the world in order to unlock.

Is Raiden in MGS V?

In Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Raiden stars in a non-canonical mission titled “Jamais Vu”.

Why did Raiden lose his jaw?

How did Raiden lose his jaw? As a prisoner, the Patriots used Raiden as a test subject for experiments in exoskeletal enhancement surgery, during which he had his head and spine excised from his body from his lower jaw down and subsequently grafted into an enhanced synthetic body.

Why is Raiden wearing heels?

The “high heels” allow him to easily grip his sword with his feet when executing combos. You may wonder how he would “clamp” the sword without.

What is Raiden’s body made of?

He was later fitted with a more human exoskeleton after the events of the World Marshal Incursions. The human exoskeleton could be compared to his body following the Guns of the Patriots Incident. The new human body featured more human looking artifical skin and shared working to any other normal cyborg body.

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