What is the retirement pay for an O6?

Retired Pay Application

COL (O6) 0.797 0.898
LTC (O5) 0.697 0.719
MAJ (O4) 0.609 0.609
CPT (O3) 0.522 0.522

How much does an O 5 make in retirement?

O-5 retirement pay for 40 years: $1,847,376.00 Each additional year you serve before you retire can add another 2.5% to your monthly and annual pay, and each higher pay grade you achieve can add hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per year.

How much is a Navy pension after 20 years?

This retirement plan offers a pension after 20 years of service that equals 2.5% of your average basic pay for your three highest-paid years or 36 months, for each year you serve. That’s why the plan is sometimes called the “High-36.”

What is the average military pension after 30 years?

Under this system your retirement pay is the average of your highest 36 months of base pay times 2.5% for every year of active duty. Under this system, if you retire at 20 years you get 50% of the average of your highest 3 years base pay. If you retire at 30 years you get 75% of your highest average 3 years base pay.

What is the pension of a retired colonel?

Calculating the pension is easy. It is 50% of your total Monthly pay plus DA (Example : An Officer retired from the post of Col on the attaining of age (Full service) and his basic pay if Rs. 60000.00 Grade Pay 8000, Military Service Pay 6000/. The above example will be used for calculation.)

How much pension does a retired colonel get?

To figure the monthly retirement pay, multiply years of service by 2.5 percent and then multiply the answer by the basis. For 24 years of service, this comes to 60 percent. If the officer’s rank at retirement in 2015 was lieutenant colonel, you have 60 percent of $9,280.20. The monthly retirement pay equals $5,568.12.

Is it worth it to do 20 years in the military?

Many military members stick around for 20 years just to earn retirement benefits. Stay on active duty for as long as it’s challenging and fulfilling. But if it becomes too much, consider joining the National Guard or Reserves to continue your military career and earn your retirement benefits.

How much pension do you get after 20 years in the military?

Retired pay will be 2% times number of years of service. If you retire at 20 years service you get 40% of your final base pay. If you retire at 30 years service you get 60% of your final base pay. You can either get your full retirement when eligible or opt to get a lump-sum benefit at retirement.

What do retired colonels make?

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