Who were the original members of Avalon?

The band’s current line up only features two of the original members — Janna Long, whose husband Greg replaced Passons, and Jody McBrayer. The band’s fourth member, Dani Rocca, joined in 2018.

Where is the band Avalon from?

Nashville, TNAvalon / Origin

Is Greg Long married?

He is married to fellow Avalon band member Janna Long. As a solo artist, Long has had four songs reach No.

Where is Avalon Singers?

Nashville, Tennessee
Avalon is an American contemporary Christian vocal quartet from Nashville, Tennessee, formed in 1995….Avalon (American group)

Website avalonlive.org
Members Janna Long Greg Long Jody McBrayer Dani Rocca

Is the group 4 Him still together?

4Him disbanded in 2006 to pursue individual careers of ministry and music. They have released 12 studio albums which have produced 27 number one singles. The group has made sporadic reunion appearances since 2009.

Who are Greg and Janna Long?

Greg and Janna make up half of the contemporary Christian vocal group, Avalon. They have captivated listeners for over two decades with soaring melodies and powerful ballads that encourage people and bring listeners right into the heart of God.

Where is Greg Long?

Long is also a GMA Dove Award nominee. His last solo studio album was 2004’s “Born Again.” So, where is Greg Long now? According to his website, Long and his wife are now worship pastors. “Janna and I are staff worship leaders at Woodlands Church just north of Houston Texas.

What happened to Avalon the group?

Christian vocal group Avalon returns with new songs and a tour stop in Tampa. A decade ago, the Grammy-nominated worship group Avalon stopped making new music to focus on family and church life. The band, originally formed in 1995, lost and added members through the years.

How old is Mark Harris 4Him?

59 years (August 1, 1962)Mark Harris / Age

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