Where are GE PTACs made?

Louisville, KY
GE Zoneline packaged terminal room air conditioners are assembled in Louisville, KY.

How long does a PTAC unit last?

A recent industry survey revealed that with proper care, PTAC units could last up \ to ten years, but advancements in energy efficiency and smart technology may entice consumers to replace them every 5-7 years. The benefits of a fully functional PTAC system cannot be understated.

Are PTAC units any good?

In the past, PTAC units were not exactly energy efficient. Today, you will easily find an energy-efficient PTAC unit with a 10+ EER rating (Energy Efficiency Ratio). This means they will have lower cooling as well as heating costs (high 8+ HSPF rating).

Where are GE AC units manufactured?

Today, GE’s Zoneline PTACs are produced at the GE manufacturing facility in Kentucky, with a strong emphasis on quality, efficiency, and safety.

Who makes General Electric air conditioners?

In 2016, GE sold its appliance division to Haier. The sale to the Chinese-based company was for $5.6 billion. Haier recorded revenue of approximately $11.5 billion USD in 2017.

When should PTAC be replaced?

The average lifespan of a PTAC unit is about seven years—ten years if it is maintained well. Unfortunately, most hotel owners wait longer than that to trade out their PTACs, especially if their old units still seem to get the job done.

How many BTU do I need for 400 square feet?

9,000 BTUs
How to Calculate Size

Air Conditioning Sizing Chart:
300 to 350 sq ft 8,000 BTUs
350 to 400 sq ft 9,000 BTUs
400 to 450 sq ft 10,000 BTUs
450 to 550 sq ft 12,000 BTUs

Are PTACs efficient?

PTAC units are the best option for energy-efficient, cost-effective climate control. Including both heating and cooling, they can help you save as much as 20 percent on your annual utility costs.

Do PTAC units heat and cool?

These PTAC units are a single, commercial grade, self contained unit that is installed through a wall and often found in hotels, condos, and apartments. These units typically can both heat and cool and can be used in both new construction and replacing old PTAC units.

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