Does the me hair removal work?

The me Smooth Professional At-Home Hair Removal System provides safe and effective hair removal, leaving you to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin all over. ME Smooth is the only at-home device patented to use elos technology, which is clinically-proven and FDA cleared to be safe and effective for all skin types and tones.

Is ELOS hair removal permanent?

ELOS HAIR REMOVAL The Motif Vantage applicator is used for laser hair removal and achieves permanent hair reduction of pigmented and minimally pigmented hair on all skin types.

Does Iluminage hair removal work?

While most at-home devices work best for lighter skin tones and darker hair colors, the Iluminage TOUCH Permanent Hair Reduction System goes the extra mile. It is FDA-cleared for use on darker skin tones, thanks to its use of intense pulsed light (IPL), and is clinically proven to work on lighter hair colors as well.

How often can I use Me My Elos?

Use the me on the same area once a week for 7 treatments over 6 weeks. Perform additional monthly treatments, after completing the first 7 treatments. We recommend treating the face every 1-2 weeks. Every hair in our body goes through a complete growth cycle, from an active to resting phase.

How often can you use me hair removal?

For best results, use mē on the same body area once a week for the first 7 times. Performing additional maintenance treatments, after the first 7 treatments, will help your hair removal results last longer . We recommend treating the face every 1-2 weeks .

How often can you use Iluminage touch?

For best results, we recommend using the iluminage Touch weekly over a period of 7 weeks. This initial treatment regimen offers permanent hair reduction over the long term. If you have naturally light hair, you may have to top up your initial treatment with maintenance sessions to maximise results.

Who makes Iluminage?

the Tria Brand Family
For the first time ever, now that Iluminage is part of the Tria Brand Family, we are thrilled to offer two at-home hair removal technologies, Tria Laser and Iluminage DUAL WAVE (IPL+RF).

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