Is Start Rescue breakdown cover any good?

We’re pleased to say that Start Rescue scores highly on Trustpilot for breakdown cover. Comparing favourably to competitors, the regular positive Trustpilot reviews and ratings left by customers about our roadside assistance cover is a testament to the breakdown service that we provide.

Does start rescue cover any driver?

This process is on a pay and claim basis and authorisation must be gained from our Rescue Coordinator. Am I covered in any car? Unless Personal Cover is purchased, our policy only covers the vehicle registered on our database. The registered vehicle is covered for any driver.

Is AA or green flag better?

Again, Green Flag are the best here, repairing 86% of all cars at the roadside. The RAC and the AA tie for second place with both claiming that they can fix 80% of breakdowns at the roadside.

How does start rescue work?

Fundamentally, their core roadside assistance service is provided by their own fleet of vehicles and employees. These fleet breakdown cover providers operate call centres which, when contacted by members who have suffered a breakdown, despatch a recovery vehicle to the scene.

Does breakdown cover fix your car?

If you have breakdown cover, your policy provider will send a trained mechanic to you when your car breaks down. This mechanic will fix your car and get you back on the road, or tow your vehicle to the nearest garage if it needs extra time and help in fixing it.

What’s the difference between personal and vehicle breakdown cover?

What is the difference between personal and vehicle breakdown cover? Personal breakdown cover applies to an individual, whatever car they use, while vehicle cover applies only to the specified car, or cars, on a policy. They each have their benefits and the best type of cover for you will depend on your driving habits.

What does green flag personal cover mean?

Answer: Personal Cover is an add-on to any of our vehicle cover products that covers you in any vehicle, not just your own. So, as your own vehicle will be covered as part of your policy, we’ll ask for details about that vehicle when you get your quote.

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