Does The Wolverine have a post credit scene?

SPOILER: There are two scenes set after the closing credits. The film’s main post-credits scene is of the Deadpool, still alive after being decapitated. He reaches for his head and whispers briefly, ending the scene.

What does the end credits scene in The Wolverine mean?

Magneto even expresses his regret shortly after losing his power. Xavier showed himself to be alive to many of his fellow mutants after the tragedy on Alcatraz Island. Xavier now has all of the mutants back on his side to fight for his cause; peace among humans and mutants. This brings us to the end of “The Wolverine”.

Does Deadpool bring Logan back to life?

For those fans of Deadpool who haven’t seen 2009’s Wolverine, this scene could seem like a Wolverine return to life. But, alas, Logan is still dead in Deadpool 2, as the footage in this scene is taken from Wolverine, and it’s really more of a joke for longtime X-Men fans than a way of bringing Wolverine back for good.

How did Magneto stop Wolverine at the end of The Wolverine?

With a twitch, Magneto stops Wolverine in his tracks, commanding the adamantium that still flows in Logan’s blood. Obviously Magneto has recovered nicely from being injected with the mutant “cure,” which we saw at the end of “X-Men: The Last Stand” (2006).

Will there be a new Wolverine movie?

Marvel’s Ditching Hugh Jackman, NEW Wolverine Reportedly Appearing in ‘Doctor Strange’ The Marvel Cinematic Universe is exploding with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022), a Marvel movie set to feature the likes of the X-Men, Deadpool, and even Wolverine.

Why did Hugh Jackman never wear The Wolverine suit?

In a Quarantine Watch Party of Logan hosted by, director James Mangold touched on why Jackman never wore the iconic suit. “We never even made a version of the outfit,” he tweeted. “Everything about his character as I understand it, would keep him from donning a self promoting ‘uniform. ‘”

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