Can I run two versions of Firefox on the same computer?

Thanks! You can install multiple Firefox versions via a custom install in different installation folders and only use the older Firefox version when you really need it. Do a custom install and install each version in its own program folder to use multiple Firefox versions.

How do I run multiple Firefox profiles at once?

You have to close and relaunch your browser to switch between profiles. But, with a little modification to the shortcut you use to launch it, Firefox can run multiple profiles at the same time. To enable multiple Firefox profiles at once, you must launch Firefox with the -no-remote command line option.

How do I run a different version of Firefox?

You can do it by using software like Sandboxie or a virtual machine. You could install a virtualized Firefox version and have a different version running in your physical OS. You can do it by using software like [ Sandboxie] or a virtual machine.

Why does Firefox run multiple instances?

Firefox splits into multiple processes for performance and security boosts. For example, the main program will be a process, then the tab that you have open will be a process and add-ons will be in another process, etc.

How do I remove an older version of Firefox?

Using your file browser, open the Programs Folder on your computer. Look for, and remove any Mozilla or Firefox program folders. Do not remove the Mozilla Thunderbird folder if there is one. Do Not remove any profile folders.

Does Firefox support multiple users?

You can have multiple Firefox profiles, each containing a separate set of user information. The Profile Manager allows you to create, remove, rename, and switch profiles. If you have (or plan to have) multiple installations of Firefox on one computer, see Dedicated profiles per Firefox installation.

Does Firefox have profiles like Chrome?

Firefox includes profile support, though it’s not quite as easy to access as it is in Chrome or Edge. With Firefox open, you need to type “about:profiles” into the address bar and then hit Enter—you should see the default profile listed, together with a button at the top to Create a New Profile.

Why do I have 3 Firefox processes running?

This is normal. For some time now, Firefox has been using a feature called multiprocessing. Many other programs use the same approach. Rather than running everything in a single Firefox process, the various parts of Firefox are split into different processes.

Why are there 6 Firefox processes running?

This is normal due to how firefox breaks up the processes into separate ones — this prevents you from losing ALL tabs in the event that a tab crashes firefox. Per Wesley in this thread : You can set the content process limit to between 1 and 8.

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