What did Darren Fletcher suffer from?

Premiership footballer and Scotland midfielder, Darren Fletcher, was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2011.

Why did Darren Fletcher retire?

Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher has reportedly retired from football due to health reasons. The 28-year-old has not featured for the club since November after it was revealed that he had been suffering from ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel condition.

Is Darren Fletcher Scottish?

Darren Barr Fletcher (born 1 February 1984) is a Scottish football coach and former professional player who is currently the technical director of Manchester United, where he spent the majority of his playing career.

What does Darren Fletcher do now?

Darren Fletcher has clarified his role at Manchester United in a recent fan event. Officially, the former midfielder is the technical director at the club.

What is colitis disease?

Colitis is inflammation of your colon, also known as your large intestine. If you have colitis, you’ll feel discomfort and pain in your abdomen. This discomfort may be mild and reoccurring over a long period of time, or severe and appearing suddenly.

What is the surgery for ulcerative colitis?

The standard surgical procedure to treat ulcerative colitis is a proctocolectomy. This surgery removes both your colon and your rectum (collectively called the large intestine).

What height is Fletcher?

6′ 0″Darren Fletcher / Height

Is Darren Fletcher a Celtic fan?

Former Manchester United star Darren Fletcher confirms he is a Celtic fan – but came closest to signing for Rangers. FORMER Manchester United star Darren Fletcher has admitted he grew up a Celtic fan – but the Scottish side he came closest to joining was Rangers.

What does a technical director do in football?

The modern technical director may be tasked with any number of ancillary duties, including responsibility for and the overseeing of the club’s playing philosophy, the academy, the training ground, player contracts and the recruitment of both players and coaching staff.

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