Is Nadar high caste?

Due to their association with toddy, the Nadars were considered lower than other middle castes, but relatively higher than the low castes, and were also prohibited to enter temples built by higher ranked castes.

Is Ezhava and billava same?

Billava is a sub-caste of Villavar. Billava who reside in Karnataka were also the followers of Shree Narayana Guru like Ezhavas. Billavas are racially same as of Ezhava community of Kerala. Billavas were also previously engaged in Martial Arts, Toddy tapping, Ayurvedic and liquor business like Ezhavas.

Is Ezhava same as Thandan?

The Front maintains that the Thandans – variously referred to as Ezhavas or Thiyyas in Malabar – are higher caste. The Thandans, however, have been claiming certificates attesting their SC status. In Palghat district alone over the last three years 7,356 such certificates had been issued.

Are ezhavas Aryans?

Ezhavas don’t have a north indian origin, they migrated from Srilanka to Kerala during the Chera era. They are Avarnas i.e. outside the chaturvarna system of Hinduism and are below Shudras in caste status.

Are Ezhavas Aryans?

Are Ezhavas Buddhists?

The Buddhist tradition of the Ezhavas, and the refusal to give it up, pushed them to an outcaste role within the greater Brahminic society. This tradition is still evident as Ezhavas show greater interest in the moral, non-ritualistic, and non-dogmatic aspects of the religion rather than the theological.

Are Nadars Kshatriyas?

The Nadar community is one of the Kshatriya communities of Tamil Nadu. This community, which traditionally worshiped Bhadrakali, was deceived by the missionaries and disconnected from their glorious heritage. As a result, 60% of the Nadar community is now Christian.

Is OBC a caste Thandan?

Thandan becomes the jenmi of the dhesam or dhesavazhi. They are designated as Other Backward Classes by the Government of Kerala as per anthropological studies conducted by the Kerala Institute of Research, and Development Studies.

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