What is an example of Supererogation?

Typical examples of supererogatory acts are saintly and heroic acts, which involve great sacrifice and risk for the agent and a great benefit to the recipient. However, more ordinary acts of charity, beneficence, and generosity are equally supererogatory.

What is Supererogation philosophy?

“Supererogation” is now a technical term in philosophy for a range of ideas expressed by terms such as “good but not required,” “beyond the call of duty,” “praiseworthy but not obligatory,” and “good to do but not bad not to do” (seeduty and obligation; intrinsic value).

What does supererogatory mean in ethics?

In ethics, an act is supererogatory if it is good but not morally required to be done. It refers to an act that is more than is necessary, when another course of action—involving less—would still be an acceptable action. It differs from a duty, which is an act wrong not to do, and from acts morally neutral.

What’s another word for supererogatory?

Supererogatory Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for supererogatory?

superfluous surplus
excess excessive
supernumerary spare
needless dispensable
unneeded inessential

How do you pronounce supererogation?

Phonetic spelling of supererogation

  1. supereroga-tion.
  2. supereroga-tion. Nicole Cilliers.
  3. soo-per-er-uh-geyt. Chanel Gaylord.
  4. su-per-erog-a-tion. Santos Huel.

How do you use supererogatory in a sentence?

Supererogatory in a Sentence 🔉

  1. A supererogatory act includes extra credit work in class.
  2. The medic was a supererogatory hero for running back onto the battlefield to save soldiers after being ordered to withdraw.
  3. My supererogatory teacher went out of her way to print review sheets for all of us.

What is another way to say too much?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for too-much, like: excessiveness, supererogatory, replete, excessive, redundant, overgoing, de trop, inordinateness, supernumerary, superabundant and prodigiousness.

What’s another word for Supererogatory?

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