How do you do the pumpkin quest in Skyward Sword?

The key is to press in the direction you want to go until the pumpkins get off kilter, then TAP the analog stick back towards the other direction to balance them. You don’t want to MOVE the other way, since you want to keep on your path. By moving and tapping to correct, you can get to the shed.

Where do you take the Pumpkin Soup Skyward Sword?

Completing The Quest Back to the quest itself: Take the soup and deliver it to Knight Commander Eagus. He can be found in the Sparring Hall next to the Knight Academy. As mentioned, the soup cools down and loses most of its effectiveness within five minutes, so it must be delivered to the knight before then.

Does Skyward Sword have side quests?

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword offers players plenty to do in the way of side quests. These are the most entertaining and rewarding ones.

Should I break the chandelier in Skyward Sword?

Yes. The only way to get the piece of heart in The Lumpy Pumpkin is to knock down the chandelier. There aren’t any items that will retrieve it for you.

How do you land on pumpkin island Skyward Sword?

Skyward Sword Pumpkin Landing is located in the northeastern Sky and can only be accessed via Loftwing. Pumpkin Landing is the second largest island in the Sky after Skyloft, and is one of the few homes of the Starry Firefly.

How do you break a chandelier in a lumpy pumpkin?

After going into the Lumpy Pumpkin, go to the second floor balcony where you can see the chandelier. Dash and roll towards the railing, and the chandelier should be swinging once you hit it. Keep rolling towards the railing until a cutscene shows that you’ve smashed the chandelier, dropping rupees and a Piece of Heart.

Where can I find ancient flowers in Skyward Sword?

Located at the eastern end of the gorge, the pair of Ancient Flowers can be accessed by hitting the Timeshift Stone on the spire near the entrance, and then using the Beetle to collect them.

Where do you find the little girl in Skyward Sword?

After finishing the Skyview Temple, you’ll find a woman with short hair named Wryna standing close to the entrance of the area with the Statue of the Goddess in Skyloft. Talk to her, and she’ll reveal that her daughter Kukiel has gone missing. When asked, accept the quest.

How do I find my side quests in Skyward Sword?

There are a total of 12 Side Quests to complete. You can check if a character has a side quest if they have a speech bubble next to them. Note that side quests become available at certain points in the game, so you may need to progress the main story to unlock them.

How can I get rupees of chandelier?

Throughout the Lumpy Pumpkin, Link can read notes warning customers not to knock down the fancy chandelier. If he walks up the staircase and rolls into the balcony twice in rapid succession, the chandelier will collapse; Link can now go back down to the first floor and collect the Rupees and the Piece of Heart.

How do you wait until night in Skyward Sword?

1 Answer. Walk up to any bed and press A, this will give you two options « sleep till morning » and « sleep till night. »

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