What is the temperature of hot blast stove?

The hot blast air is produced by passing cold blast air through preheated chambers or ‘stoves’, and heating the air to above 1000°C.

How does a hot blast stove work?

The hot blast air is produced by passing cold blast air through preheated chambers or ‘stoves’, and heating the air to above 1000°C. The stove is first heated up by burning gas and combustion air within the chamber and allowing the heat to be absorbed into the brickwork, or ‘chequerwork’.

Who makes hot blast wood furnace?

United States Stove Company HotBlast
United States Stove Company HotBlast Wood Furnace Overview. The United States Stove Company HotBlast is an indoor wood furnace designed to supplement an existing furnace. It is available in three models — the 1300, 1400 and 1500.

What is hot blast furnace?

Hot blast refers to the preheating of air blown into a blast furnace or other metallurgical process. As this considerably reduced the fuel consumed, hot blast was one of the most important technologies developed during the Industrial Revolution.

What is a Cowper stove?

Cowper stoves are special forms of regenerators used in blast furnace plant to provide hot blast from the potential heat in the carbon monoxide in cleaned blast furnace top gas, rather than from sensible heat in waste gas of which there is none available.

What is called the lower part of furnace?

The blower motor is usually located near the base of the furnace in the blower chamber, and it resembles a hamster wheel. It contains a fan (or blower) that sends an even current of air through the appliance.

What removes impurities in a blast furnace?

The impurities are removed react with calcium oxide to make a liquid slag that floats on top of the molten iron. The slag is collected after the denser iron has been run out of a tap hole near the bottom of the furnace. The production of iron in a Blast Furnace is a continuous process.

How much does a hot blast wood stove weigh?

Heating Capacity: Up to 2,400 Sq. Ft. Weight: 480lbs.

Is hot blast same as convection?

Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of MW7000K HotBlast™ Smart Oven for the Indian market, with a new and innovative technology that makes it possible for a convection microwave to cook ‘oven-like’ food in times up to 50% quicker than a traditional convection oven.

What is the purpose of coke in the blast furnace?

Blast furnace ironmaking makes use of coke as the major source for both energy and reduction of iron oxides. In the blast furnace process, coke has multifunctions and plays an important role as reductant, burden support, and fuel.

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