What is a spell-like ability Pathfinder?

Spell-like abilities are magical and work just like Spells (though they are not Spells and so have no verbal, somatic, focus, or material components). They go away in an Antimagic Field and are subject to Spell Resistance if the spell the ability is based on would be subject to Spell Resistance.

Do spell-like abilities require concentration Pathfinder?

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): Using a spell-like ability works like casting a spell in that it requires concentration and provokes attacks of opportunity.

Do spell-like abilities qualify for prestige classes?

Yes. For example, the Dimensional Agility feat (Ultimate Combat) has “ability to use the abundant step class feature or cast dimension door” as a prerequisite; a barghest has dimension door as a spell-like ability, so the barghest meets the “able to cast dimension door prerequisite for that feat.

Can you cast a spell-like ability defensively?

It is possible to attempt a concentration check to use a spell-like ability defensively and avoid provoking attacks of opportunity, just as when casting a spell. A spell-like ability can be disrupted just as a spell can be. Spell-like abilities cannot be used to counterspell, nor can they be counterspelled.

Can you Spellcraft spell-like abilities?

A spell-like ability has a casting time of 1 standard action unless noted otherwise in the ability or spell description. In all other ways, a spell-like ability functions just like a spell. If you can identify a spell via spellcraft, you can identify a spell-like ability via spellcraft.

Do spell-like abilities provoke starfinder?

Because it functions like a spell, using a spell-like ability in a threatened square usually provokes attacks of opportunity unless the text of the ability or the spell it emulates specifically says otherwise. Spell-like abilities are subject to spell resistance and dispel magic.

HOW DO concentration checks work Pathfinder?

If something interrupts your concentration while you’re casting, you must make a concentration check or lose the spell. When you make a concentration check, you roll d20 and add your caster level and the ability score modifier used to determine bonus spells of the same type.

Do spell like abilities have components?

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp) A spell-like ability has no verbal, somatic, or material component, nor does it require a focus. The user activates it mentally.

Does counterspell work on abilities?

Counterspell doesn’t deal with abilities because abilities are not spells. Cards like Voidslime , Stifle , and Trickbind do deal with abilities because their texts specifically reference abilities.

Can you identify a spell like ability?

Do spell-like abilities provoke AOO Pathfinder?

Using a spell-like ability while threatened provokes attacks of opportunity. It is possible to make a Concentration check to use a spell-like ability defensively and avoid provoking an attack of opportunity. A spell-like ability can be disrupted just as a spell can be.

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