How long does an oil change take at Great Canadian?

about 15 minutes
An oil change will take about 15 minutes. Some services like air filter replacement can be performed at the same time as your oil change. Other preventive maintenance services could require additional time. Some services may only require 10 minutes and others 20 minutes or more.

What brand of oil does Great Canadian Oil Change use?

We’ll keep your engine protected and running smoothly with trusted Valvoline full synthetics, synthetic blends, and multi-viscosity conventional motor oils. We provide much more than just an oil change.

How long does a oil change take?

about 30-45 minutes
Typically, an oil change takes about 30-45 minutes. The process includes draining out the existing oil and changing the oil filter, then placing new oil into the engine.

Who owns Canadian oil change?

Trevor and Carolynn Weflen
“Owners Trevor and Carolynn Weflen have spent 40 years developing the Great Canadian Oil Change brand and building its reputation in the Canadian marketplace,” said Tony Puckett, president of Valvoline Quick Lubes.

How often should oil be changed?

On average, vehicles are estimated to need an oil change every 3,000 miles or every six months. This can vary based on your driving habits, your driving frequency, the age of your vehicle, and the quality of the oil you use. If you drive a newer vehicle, you might be able to safely wait a little longer between changes.

What happens when your car is overdue for an oil change?

In fact, if you wait too long for an oil change, your smooth and clean oil will turn into dirty sludge. When this happens, your engine must work harder to fight through the buildup of muck. It loses its lubrication, and decreases heat absorption. This means that your car will be susceptible to major issues.

Does a car run better after an oil change?

Answer provided by. “Your car gets several noticeable benefits from an oil change. You’ll likely notice that your car gets better gas mileage due to better engine lubrication. It also boosts compression and reduces friction, which can make your acceleration slightly better, as well as your overall driving.

Who started Great Canadian Oil Change?

Trevor and Carolynn Welfen
In 1978 Trevor and Carolynn Welfen opened the first Great Canadian Oil Change in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and in 1990 the first franchise store was opened. Now there are over 70 Great Canadian Oil Change franchise stores across Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

What happened to oil changers?

All Oil Changers quick-lube centers will be rebranded as Great Canadian Oil Change. This acquisition will expand Valvoline’s existing quick-lube network to more than 1,250 company-owned and franchised locations across Canada and the United States.

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