How do I change the length of a track in GarageBand?

Change the length of a section Open the song section controls. next to the section name. If the section is set to Automatic, tap the Automatic switch to turn it off. Tap the up or down arrow next to Manual to lengthen or shorten the section incrementally by bars.

What is the shortcut to cut a track in GarageBand?

Command + X = Cut In Garageband, you can use the (Command + X) shortcut to delete or move parts of your recording, whether it be a drummer track region, audio region, or midi region.

Where in Tracks view can you change the song length so that it automatically fits to the length of your recording?

To get started, tap the small ‘cross’ icon in the top right corner of the track view. You now have the choice to either manually adjust the number of bars in your song, or set the size to ‘Automatic’. Setting to automatic will allow your song to run as long as you want it to (up to a maximum of 320 bars).

How do I select part of a track in GarageBand?

Touch and hold a region. As you continue holding the region, tap other regions you want to select. Touch and hold an empty part of the editor, then drag around multiple regions to select them.

How do you add sections in GarageBand Mac?

How do I add a new track?

  1. Click on the button with the “+” sign in the top-left corner of the tracks panel.
  2. Choose a track type. There are 4 track types in all.
  3. If you choose an “Audio option”, GarageBand allows you to plug in an external microphone or electric guitar to record or play.
  4. Click on “Create”

How do I split a track in GarageBand?


  1. To make splits in a clip, click on the clip so that it is highlighted in light blue.
  2. Drag your playhead to where you want to split the clip.
  3. Select the Edit tab and then Split Regions at Playhead to cut the track into two parts (Shortcut: Command ⌘ + T).

What does command z do on GarageBand?

Apple GarageBand Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigation/Moving the playhead
Space bar Play/Pause
Editing and Arranging
Cmnd-Z Undo
Cmnd-Shft-Z Redo

How do I loop a section of a song in GarageBand?

Loop a region repeatedly

  1. In GarageBand on Mac, control-click the region, then choose Loop On/Off from the shortcut menu. The region loops repeatedly until the end of the project.
  2. To unloop the region, control-click the region, then choose Loop On/Off from the shortcut menu again.

What is loop browser in GarageBand?

When you change the tempo or key of a song, Apple Loops also change to match the new tempo or key. You can quickly find loops in the Loop Browser and preview them to find the ones you want to use in your song. You can specify loops as favorites and use them as a starting point for many of your songs.

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