What is the difference between Sporangiophore and Conidiophore?

The key difference between conidiophore and sporangiophore is that conidiophore is the aerial hypha of ascomycetes fungi that bears asexual spores called conidia while sporangiophore is the aerial hypha of zygomycetes fungi that bears asexual spores called sporangiospores.

What does Conidiophore mean in biology?

Definition of conidiophore : a specialized hyphal branch of some fungi that produces conidia.

What is a Conidiophore vesicle?

The conidiophore vesicle is composed of a peripheral region which contain. many nuclei and mitochondria and a central region which is densely packed. with glycogen granules but contains very few organelles. The phialides, whic. arise as spherical protuberances from the surface of the vesicle, are bounded.

Are Sporangiophore and hyphae same?

Sporangiophores are hyphae that are simple, unbranched tubular threads with rounded sporangia at their ends. For asexual reproduction, sporangia develop non-motile multinucleate spores.

What is the difference between ascus and Basidium?

The ascus is a sac-like structure that bears reproductive cells. These cells produce sexual spores. Basidium is a club-shaped structure having sexual cells that produce sexual spores. The sexual cells produced are called Ascospores.

What is Conidiophore of Penicillium?

Species of Penicillium are recognized by their dense brush-like spore-bearing structures called penicilli (sing.: penicillus). The conidiophores are simple or branched and are terminated by clusters of flask-shaped phialides.

What is the purpose of Conidiophore?

Conidiophores arise at right angles to the hyphae and are believed to be infectious for humans when mycelia are disturbed. When inhaled, the fungus converts to the yeast form, which is multinucleate, containing 8 to 12 nuclei.

What does Conidiospores mean?

(kəʊˈnɪdɪəm ) nounWord forms: plural -nidia (-ˈnɪdɪə ) an asexual spore formed at the tip of a specialized hypha (conidiophore) in fungi such as Penicillium.

What means Penicillium?

Definition of penicillium : any of a genus (Penicillium) of fungi (such as a blue mold) that are found chiefly on moist nonliving organic matter (such as decaying fruit) and have been grouped with the imperfect fungi but are now often placed with the ascomycetes.

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