What does Lindo Jong want from her daughter?

Lindo’s greatest wish for her daughter was that Waverly would have American circumstances and Chinese character: I taught her how American circumstances work. If you are born poor here, it’s no lasting shame. You are first in line for a scholarship.

Why did Lindo name her daughter after a street?

Lindo named her daughter “Waverly” after the street where they lived so that when the child grew up, she could “take a piece” of her mother with her.

How did Lindo convince her husband to marry her?

Lindo manages to convince Huang Taitai by arguing that the marriage is rotten, offering as proof an empty spot in her mouth where a tooth fell out, and a mole on Tyan-yu’s back. Everyone is happy, and Lindo gets enough money to go to America.

Why is Lindo ashamed when she is with her daughter Waverly?

Lindo believes that Waverly does so because she is ashamed of her mother. While Mr. Rory and Waverly discuss her as though she were not there, Lindo wears her “American face”—the face the Americans think is Chinese. But inside she is ashamed, because she is proud of Waverly, but Waverly is not proud of her.

When did Lindo Jong get married?

At only two years old, Lindo is arranged to be married to a spoiled boy named Tyan-yu, based on their compatible zodiac signs. When she goes to live with Tyan-yu’s family at the age of twelve, Tyan-yu’s mother, Huang Taitai, abuses Lindo like an indentured servant.

Why did Rose’s mother say Rose was without wood?

Her mother once explained Rose’s penchant for indecision by saying that Rose was “without wood.” Lacking this sturdy fiber, Rose bends in all directions — she cannot stand alone, cannot take a stand for herself.

Why does Yingying abort her first child?

Why does Ying-ying abort her first child? She aborts the child because she hates her husband, the child’s father.

How did Lindo Jong get out of her arranged marriage?

Finally, Lindo found a way out of the marriage. She told Taitai that her ancestors came to her in a dream and said that the matchmaker’s servant had allowed Tyan-yu’s end of the candle to go out, which meant Tyan-yu would die if he stayed in the marriage.

What did Lindo teach Waverly?

Lindo later teaches these skills of invisible strength—for which she uses the wind as a metaphor—to her daughter Waverly. Her lessons nurture Waverly’s skill at chess, but Waverly comes to resent her mother’s control and seeming claims of ownership over her successes.

Who does Lindo Jong marry?

At only two years old, Lindo is arranged to be married to a spoiled boy named Tyan-yu, based on their compatible zodiac signs.

What child Is Lindos future husband?

In “The Red Candle”, what kind of child was Lindo’s future husband? Tyan-yu was spoiled and arrogant. How did the heavy rains affect Lindo when she was 12? Her family’s land was made useless so they moved and left her with the Huangs.

Why does Rose stay in bed for three days?

3. Why did Rose stay in bed for three days? She stayed in bed for three days because her husband had left her and she was unable to make the simplest decisions.

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