Which is the best massage roller?

A quick look at the best foam rollers

  • High density: LuxFit High Density Foam Roller.
  • Half roller: OPTP PRO-Roller Soft Density Foam Roller.
  • Most versatile: TRX Rocker Myofascial Tool.
  • Vibrating: Hyperice Vyper 2.0 High Intensity Vibrating Fitness Roller.
  • Stick: Tiger Tail Massage Stick.

Are foam rollers good for your spine?

Foam rolling exercises make a fantastic addition to your self-healing repertoire. This self-myofascial release technique can safely and effectively relieve tension, tightness, and pain in your back.

Are massage rollers any good?

Studies have shown that rolling out your muscles does decrease tissue tension and can improve your range of movement, increasing your speed and flexibility.

Is a hard or soft foam roller better?

Using a roller that is too soft can provide inadequate pressure while a foam roller that is too hard can cause bruising and trauma, which can result in pain and have a negative effect on your performance. If you’re just starting out with using a foam roller, choose one that’s on the softer side.

What size of foam roller is best?

How we picked and tested. Our experts agree that a smooth-surfaced, 6-inch-diameter, 36-inch-long roller is the best general tool for SMR: It’s the most versatile for larger and smaller muscle groups alike, and you can also use it as a prop in your workouts.

Is a foam roller worth it?

One of foam rolling’s big selling points is that it can improve flexibility to a similar extent as stretching, but with an important added bonus – it doesn’t impair strength. Foam rolling can also improve performance if combined with stretching.

Does foam roller size matter?

Choose a 3 to 4 inch (7.6 to 10.2 cm) diameter for a targeted approach. Most foam rollers have a 6-inch (15 cm) diameter, but a roller with a smaller diameter can be helpful for targeting certain parts of the body. For example, a thinner foam roller can target shoulder muscles better than a larger roller would.

How thick should a foam roller be?

What can I use instead of foam roller?

Foam Rolling Alternative Equipment

  • Tennis Ball, Baseball, Lacrosse Ball. Clients can use any ball for SMR.
  • Trigger Point Massage Ball. Massage balls come in many forms beyond just athletic balls.
  • Massage Stick or Rolling Pin.
  • Broomstick.
  • Barbell.
  • Hard Plastic Bottle.
  • Thera Gun.

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