Who plays the saxophone music in soul?

Tia Fuller
Tia Fuller talks about playing saxophone in Pixar’s new film, Soul, for the character of Dorothea Williams, voiced by Angela Bassett.

Who is the most famous jazz saxophone player?

1: John Coltrane (1926-1967) Topping our list of the best jazz saxophonists is the man whom many regard as the musical equivalent of a deity.

What famous jazz musician played the saxophone?

1: Charlie Parker (1920-1955) Topping the list of the best jazz saxophonists ever is the man fans referred to simply as Bird.

What two jazz artists played the saxophone?

Coleman Hawkins. Key Coleman Hawkins recording: Body and Soul.

  • Lester Young. Key recording: The Lester Young Story.
  • Stan Getz. Key Recording: Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson Trio.
  • Sonny Rollins. Key Sonny Rollins recording: Saxophone Colossus.
  • John Coltrane.
  • Joe Henderson.
  • Wayne Shorter.
  • Michael Brecker.
  • Who plays saxophone for Dorothea Williams in soul?

    Saxophonist Tia Fuller
    Jazz Saxophonist Tia Fuller Discusses Her Role In The Animated Movie ‘Soul’ Tia Fuller performed the music behind the character Dorothea in the animated movie “Soul.”

    Is Dorothea Williams based on a real person?

    While Soul is Joe’s story, Dorothea is a commanding character and Bassett explained that she took much of her inspiration for the character from real-life jazz legends Dorothy Donegan and Betty Carter.

    Who is the most famous saxophone player of all time?

    The Greatest Saxophone Players

    • Charlie Parker is often cited as the greatest saxophone player in history.
    • John Coltrane established himself as his generation’s greatest virtuoso of the tenor sax through his work with Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk.

    Does Dorothea Williams exist?

    Dorothea Williams is a famous jazz musician who plays the saxophone and loves jazz as much as her own performances.

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