What fonts were used in 1600s?

1600s Fonts

  • 1600s.
  • text.
  • ancient.
  • 17th century.
  • slab serif.
  • serif.
  • wedge serif.
  • rough.

What font did they use in the 1500s?

Old Style (aka Garalde) – 1500s-1700s Fonts such as Garamond and Goudy Old Style are from this era and are characterised with a move towards more upright letters and straighter crossbars compared to previous Humanist typefaces, as well as more variation between thick and thin strokes.

What fonts were used in the 1700s?

On Fonts. Practically all American and English printing from 1735 to 1800 was done using the Caslon font. This font was created by William Caslon (1692-1766), sometime around 1722 [2].

What fonts were used in the 1870s?

1870s fonts

  • Vtg Stencil France No3™by astype. Style: Vtg Stencil France No3.
  • Worthingby Greater Albion Typefounders. Style: Worthing.
  • Manufactory JNLby Jeff Levine.
  • Vtg Stencil France No5™by astype.
  • Coactionby Oui Studio.
  • Cherrywood JNLby Jeff Levine.
  • Dodoby Indian Summer Studio.
  • Portello™by Greater Albion Typefounders.

What Fonts were used in the 1800s newspapers?

20 Iconic 1800s Style Fonts To Give Your Designs a Traditional…

  • Brim Narrow.
  • Pretoria Gross Family.
  • The Witch Typeface.
  • Ehrich Display Typeface.
  • Applewood Alternate Font.
  • Boston 1851.
  • FHA Condensed French.
  • Vintage Wood Type Classics.

What is the font of the Declaration of Independence?

American Scribe
American Scribe, the Original Declaration of Independence Font. American Scribe is a historical handwriting font that replicates the penmanship on the Declaration of Independence, authored by Thomas Jefferson but engrossed by Timothy Matlack.

What is the old fashioned font called?

Some popular old style fonts include Garamond, Goudy, Palatino, and Minion. Modern fonts often draw inspiration from old style typefaces (as well as the Transitionals, where you’d see fonts like Times New Roman).

What fonts were used in the 1890s?

1890s fonts

  • Romanaby Bitstream. Style: Std Roman.
  • Cristoforoby SoftMaker. Style: Cristoforo.
  • Barlonby Flavortype. Hot New Font.
  • Fenwick™by Typodermic. Style: Regular.
  • Caslon Antiqueby GroupType. Style: Caslon Antique.
  • Columbia Titlingby Typetanic Fonts.
  • Macbeth™by Linotype.
  • Asteroid Primo SGby Spiece Graphics.

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