What does Downer EDI stand for?

What does Downer EDI stand for? Downer EDI refers to the March 2001 merge of Downer and Evans Deakins Industries (EDI). Evans Deakins Industries were an engineering and shipbuilding company which was formed in 1910.

Who owns Downer EDI Limited?

By the 1990s, Roche Brothers was one of the largest mining companies in Australia. Its annual turnover topped $300 million when Downer purchased the Company in 1997. The Roche Brothers purchase formed the Downer Mining business that exists today.

Is Downer a NZ company?

Downer Group is an integrated services company active in Australia and New Zealand. Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and New Zealand Stock Exchange as Downer EDI (DOW), Downer is an ASX 100 company.

What company is downer?

Downer EDI Limited is a locally-owned public company that provides engineering, construction and infrastructure management services. The company employs over 44,000 people, has operations across Australia, the Pacific, Asia, Africa, South America, India and the UK, and is headquartered in North Ryde, New South Wales.

How many employees does Downer have?

approximately 44,000 people
Downer Group employs approximately 44,000 people across more than 300 sites, primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

Who owns Spotless Catering?

Spotless, a Downer company, delivers more than 100 integrated facilities services for more than 1,000 customers across government, education, healthcare, aged care, large stadia and entertainment venues.

Who bought Spotless laundries?

Adamantem Capital
Global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright has advised Downer EDI Limited subsidiary Spotless on its agreement to sell 70 per cent of its Laundries business to an entity of Australian private equity firm Adamantem Capital.

Is Spotless part of downer?

Spotless Garments is part of Spotless Group Holdings Limited which is wholly-owned by Downer EDI.

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