Is Smoker stronger than Ace?

Ace combat ability is stronger then Smoker , Haki or no Haki .

Did Ace fight Smoker?

Short Summary. Ace fights Smoker while the Straw Hat Pirates ran for their ship. Luffy reunites with his brother Ace, and presents him to his crew. Later, Ace takes down some Baroque Works agents.

Is Smoker a good guy?

Just like Fujitora, Smoker is actually a good guy who chases the pirates because of his job. Although he opposes the World Government, Smoker is still loyal to the Marines.

Is Smoker stronger One Piece?

Vergo was a haki monster and Doflamingo was confident that he would have beaten Law. When Smoker fought Vergo, Smoker’s main aim was to get back Law’s heart. Furthermore, Smoker has become more powerful and it is obvious that he’s stronger than Vergo.

Is Sanji stronger than Smoker?

10 Can Beat: Smoker Smoker is powerful, but the same goes for Sanji. Sanji’s observation haki is certainly something that gives him the edge over Smoker. Moreover, with his newly acquired Raid Suit, he has improved vastly, and will likely defeat the Vice-Admiral without too much trouble.

Can Crocodile beat Smoker?

I’d put my money on Crocodile, honestly. Maybe I’ve just seen Smoker lose too often, and just can’t see a path to victory for him. But croc literally doesnt have a path to victory, he cant hit smoker. Smoker has haki and seastone, if either one of them is going to win its Smoker.

Can Luffy beat Smoker?

Two years prior to now, Luffy stood no chance against Smoker. Not only was he defeated once, but he was defeated multiple times, and each of those times he was saved by a passerby. Now, however, Luffy wouldn’t even need Gear 4th to take down Smoker; with just Gear 3rd, Smoker would be as good as done.

Is Smoker stronger than law?

It’s pretty much confirmed that Smoker is weaker than Trafalgar Law by wide margins. The two had a brief confrontation back in Punk Hazard, and needless to be said, the confrontation ended in Smoker’s defeat.

Can Zoro beat Smoker?

2 Can Defeat: Smoker He was introduced fairly early in the series, and since then, he has made multiple reappearances; as an enemy at times, and as an ally at other times.

Does Smoker know Haki?

Smoker possesses the ability to use Busoshoku Haki. During his battle with Vergo, he landed a punch where his hand and part of his arm were completely black, demonstrating the use of Busoshoku Haki. He later did the same with his elbow when striking Vergo in the face.

What rank is Coby?

Coby is a current Rear Admiral and a member of the secret Marine unit, SWORD. Coby is one of the Marines whose had the privilege of being personally trained by the legendary Marine Hero.

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