How do you search on Deltek?

Click in the Search field. In the Search field, enter either a single character (for example, the letter “a” or the number 3) or a string of characters (” ab” or “13”) and then press Enter or click on the magnifying glass button next to the Search entry field.

What is Deltek Vision used for?

Deltek Vision is a leading project-based solution for professional services firms to manage their clients, projects and finances. More than 4,000 customers around the globe use Vision to win more business, manage more profitable projects and have greater insight into their financial health.

How do you save a report on Deltek Vision?

Click Organize Favorites on the Reports grid to display the Organize Favorite Report dialog box. In the Favorite Name field on the Organize Favorite Report dialog box, enter a name for your favorite. Click Save.

What type of software is Deltek?

About Deltek Vision Deltek Vision is a cloud-based project-based solution for professional services firms that is available for cloud or on-premise deployment. It combines project accounting, resource management, project management, time/expense management and business development in one product.

Is vision an ERP system?

Vision: Project-Based ERP for Professional Services Firms.

How do I create a new report in Deltek?

Create a Report

  1. In the Navigation pane, select My Stuff > Reporting.
  2. Click either the Reports tab or the Favorites tab to display a list of all the reports to which you have access.
  3. On the Reports grid, click a report.
  4. Use the report tabs to define options for a report.

How do you add favorites on Deltek?

Create a Favorite from a Time Sheet

  1. Click or .
  2. Click in the line you want to make a Favorite.
  3. Click the drop-down ; then, select Create Favorite. The line is added to Favorites.

What is the latest version of Deltek Vision?

Vision 7.5
Vision 7.5 will offer new asset management capabilities, streamlined approval workflows, and an enhanced user experience. The newest version of Deltek Vision delivers: A Better Way to Manage Assets: This release features Asset Manager, a new Vision module.

Is Deltek an ERP?

Deltek’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) software solutions are built to streamline and automate your core business operations, while breaking down barriers between departments.

How do you delete a favorite on Deltek?

On the Lookup screen, tap Favorites. Swipe the timesheet charge that you want to delete from the list, and then tap Delete. Costpoint Mobile T&E prompts you to save the timesheet to complete the delete operation. Tap Yes.

How do I load a favorite charge on Deltek?

Automatically Load Favorites

  1. Set up favorites. For each favorite that you want to load automatically, select the Load check box and click Update.
  2. Click the wrench icon at the top right of the screen to display the Preferences screen.
  3. Select the Time tab.
  4. Select the Load Favorites option.

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